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Introducing... Fruit Salad by Jen Hadfield for Cents of Style


Fruit Salad by Jen Hadfield is a bright mixture of delicious colors and textures that are perfectly in season! The fresh combination of melon & berry colored gems and jewels with vibrant fruit infused pieces add the perfect spritz of sweetness to any summer outfit! 

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Posted On June 17, 2015

Mary Poppins-feel with Tazia Lynne

Welcome to our first Cents of Style Council blogger, Tazia Lynne.


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Posted On June 12, 2015

Sandal Ready

Slough off the remnants of this wet, dismal spring- and say hello to SANDALS!

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Posted On May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Fashion

Let's not forget the real reason for the season. 

The celebration of Memorial Day is a time for remembrance of our fallen soldiers and their families.

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Posted On May 19, 2015

Krazy for Kimonos

Perhaps it's this unseasonable heat. Or perhaps we're just channeling our inner Stevie Nicks this summer-- but we've all just about lost it for the Kimono this year. 




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Posted On May 14, 2015

Saatva Mattresses and crazy moms: Gotta have one

Did everyone have a spendid Mothers day weekend? I hope so! It has been so fun to read everyone's little tributes on FB and Instagram. I especially enjoyed attempting to sum up my mom in 5 short sentences and looking for fun pictures to go with it. So many memories..so many jokes to choose from. I guess you could say Ive had moms on the brain lately...
In case anyone was wondering, my mother is the Princess and the Pea. You know, that fairytale diva who cant sleep on her pile of expensive fluffy mattresses because, #vegetables??
I love this picture of her on my wedding day. Shes the Audrey style girl next to me...with my face:
From the time I was little my mother was obsessed with sleep and all components involved in it. Finding the PERFECT set of sheets, high thread count, impeccably soft, and always, always blue. Pillows preferably down, with a zippered cover, and safely swaddled in a pillowcase that has been lightly scented with fabric softener and air dried in the midday sun. Down comforters, duvets, blankets - she has bed making down to scientific method. Watching her make her bed is basically like watching a skilled surgeon perform a heart transplant. The removal of the old, the donning of the new. Don't even get me started on the pajamas. Or the pink fleece bathrobe...
Shes basically insane. When she isn't obsessively scouring 1000 thread count sheets at Tuesday Morning or Marshalls, she can often be found up to no good : like the day she made her mother (my sweet grandma Nacele) go 50 rounds on the teeter go round in her backyard... 
You would think that pretty much being the genetic twin of this woman, that it would make me also prone to this ridiculousness. But Im basically normal. Unless you take into account a serious addiction to TAB and the fact that I married a man that once looked like this at a party:
Sorry, I got off on quite a tangent there. Back to mattresses...
Sheets to me are simply freezing cold spider traps. To extend ones legs bravely into the abyss that lies towards the foot of the bed is a skill I have never acquired. I prefer an electric blanket, cranked up on the highest level, piled on top of a nice fitted sheet. Like joey from friends who doesn't believe in sharing food...I will stab you if you attempt to steal my blanket. I get one. You get one. That is how it works in my house.
So a few weeks ago my mom called me and pretty much bore deep spiritual witness to the greatness of her latest find:  a Saatva Mattress. For the better part of an hour I listened to statements like eco friendly, organic cotton, luxury, hotel, warranty, odorless, amazing customer service, yada yada yada. 
Because Im basically the most supportive daughter ever, I pretended to be really excited and happy for my crazy bed obsessed Mom. But deep down inside my wicked soul I was pretty much ignoring her rave reviews. Yes, I needed a new amazing hotel quality luxury mattress. But no I did not have a spare $3000 laying around. 
Little did I know...
A few short weeks later I would be sleeping on this same amazing mattress. And in Christy math it costs less than 2 plane tickets to Paris. Less than 50 pairs of $200 jeans. Its actually AFFORDABLE. 
You guys, have any of you ever purchased a new from the factory mattress? Have you ever anticipated its arrival for weeks, then ripped open the 6 coats of industrial strength saran wrap around it - only to pretty much PASS OUT from the sickness of the smell???????
Well,I have. It wasn't pretty. It involved smelling salts. And therapy. These mattresses from Saatva DO NOT SMELL. Not even a little bit. This filled me with joy! 
Its soft, but not too soft. Its firm, but not too firm. My husband likes to sleep on a wooden board and I prefer a care bear cloud of softness. And yet somehow we both agreed this was THE NICEST mattress we had ever slept on!!!! And this includes the genuine made out of astronauts space foam mattress we had recently tried! They do have different levels of comfort available, but we went with the most popular model: The Luxury Firm.
There was one last component of mattress shopping that became more and more important to me as I shopped around, and that is the made in the USA factor, and using green materials. Saatva nails it. Check out their green initiative here.
After researching the company and comparing prices I can honestly tell you that this is not just a good product for a good buy. Its a REALLY good company. Check out the website and be impressed for yourself. If you're in the market for a new mattress I can HIGHLY recommend Saatva. They have been brilliant to work with and speak to. My mom and I both give them two crazy bed obsessed thumbs up!
Speaking of moms, mothering, insanity, and sleep..... I basically havent slept in 7 years. Why did I wait so long to make the 3 hours of sleep I do get count?! I love this mattress. If I were being totally honest, Id admit that between the hours of midnight and 6 am I love it more than any of my children. In fact if someone told me at 2 am that I had to make sophies choice and give up either my mattress or my family - I would throw my kids at them as quickly as I could just to make them stop talking.
Only joking. Love those Beal kids.
And speaking of Beal kids, they have become increasing demanding. What with all their feeding, changing, driving to and fro, and incessant emotional needs all day errday and all. As much fun as this amazing collaboration has been with Cents Of Style, I have made the difficult decision to retire from the blog life. There's just not enough hours in my day to look cute, act nice, and take pictures of it. Some girls can manage their time and squeeze in all these amazing adventures into their lives...and Im just tryin to squeeze my thighs into spanx. Back to reality for me. If anyone finds a time machine Id really love to go back to 2000 and just live young and free one.more.time.
Ive loved my short time blogging! Thanks for reading!

Posted On May 12, 2015

Toy Room Reveal

I am SO happy and excited to at long last reveal our toy room redo! I cant even believe how much I love this room. I spent all day in there yesterday getting it just right - and then I read a book on the little couch in the sun to celebrate afterwards!
My kids are over the moon. They seem to be loving the art corner and madeover dollhouse the most. And best of all - everything is so organized that its actually FUN to clean up and put everything away! We shoved an insane amount of toys in such a tiny room. Im basically a toy room magician. 
A very heartfelt thanks to the following vendors for providing the finishing touches that took my sad little space and turned it into something unique and spectacular:
 TellKiddoThe Magic OnionsMadebyLaylaMinilearnersThe fickle felt tree,and Cheeky reubens.  
Check out these shops and be prepared to buy things you never knew you HAD to have!
Sidenote: our toy room has been a literal source of angry feelings since the dawn of time. When we moved into our house 8 years ago - we neglected to take note of the insane lack of living space. 3 kids later we were hurting big time for a bonus room. The solution turned out to be our garage! Like true Californians we whipped out a conversion and walled in our third garage bay - thus providing a play space. 
Remember the hideous state of this room pre-makeover? Let me refresh your memory:
Forgive the awkward angles - this room was really hard to photograph because its long and narrow....but I think you'll agree, it has drastically improved! Feast your eyes:
The floor is basically my favorite part. Remember the great color debate? Yeah. Lets just say we are lucky to still be married after that fiasco. 
On to the details:
This giant paper bag with adorable sleepy face was sent to me from Maria at Tellkiddo. Can I just say - she was simply lovely to work with, and she is also responsible for introducing me to an entire list of amazing shops! Also - this bag turned stuffed animal keeper fills me with some insane joy. Its so happy! 
  Meet my little peg doll people that moved into my dollhouse. Please admire the french gentleman with his smart looking mustache! I die! Every single set of these little darlings are Made By Layla. She is my instagram BFF. Technically, I may fall under stalker status...because every time she makes new peg dolls I leave her 5 comments on how I HAVE to have them!!! I am so happy to finally have a set of these for my home. (Or technically....my daughters dollhouse. minor details.) 
Speaking of the dollhouse - 3 days ago this was your run of the mill kidkraft majestic dollhouse courtesy of craigslist. It had your basic barbie insanity interior, complete with 80s glam color palette. 5 cans of white spray paint later....it was this modern habitat ready for some artistic touches courtesy of my children. I let them hand paint the furniture in some bold colors and suddenly they LOVE to play with this doll house! We are going to continue personalizing this all summer! Good times.
And after: (please take a moment to giggle at the american girl doll who has had quite a ride in the shopping cart - woah!)
How in love with these prints from MiniLearners are you??? I found them on Etsy and had the worst time choosing which ones to order. They are icing on the cake in this room, and really set a more cheerful and fun tone than the crooked cat poster of sadness that used to live on the wall!
Best part of all? I uploaded these files to overnight prints and paid $6 for BOTH! The frames were some serious lucky finds for $12 at walmart. Less than $20 for two framed prints from start to finish.
Speaking of incredible Walmart finds (Wow. Now that is a statement I never thought I'd say!) I needed some buckets for storage and found these white bins for $1.85 each in the housewares section! I think technically, they are dishpans. But in my house - they are barbie and my little pony containment areas...
The french bulldog had to happen. As did each and every one of these adorable BabyLit books. 
I coerced my mother to sew me these custom curtains and then my sister in law Jory was inspired to use this tiny felt ball garland from The Fickle Felt Tree shop as curtain ties. This garland was actually the very first item I collected for the toy room overhaul. I love it so much! It looked basically adorable no matter where I hung it - but I love it on the window!
The art corner consisted of a craigslist little tykes table that I got for $10 and of course...spray painted. (I have problems). I found this adorable wall thingy at TJ Maxx and used it to hold papers and rif raff, which my magpie daughter swooned over:
For a touch of whimsy we hung this TRULY ADORABLE rain cloud mobile from Donni over at the Magic Onions shop over the art table. It floats from fishing line - as if by magic, suspended in thin air! So fun!
Last and of course not least - I got this incredible lamp from Cheeky Reubens shipped to me all the way from Australia!! It draws your eye first thing when you walk into the room and everyone that sees it says the same thing: WHERE did you get that LIGHT?! 
I am so happy how this redo turned out!!! Thank you again to each and every artist that helped me to turn my garage dungeon into something cozy, modern, and so lovely. 
The toy room is officially the favorite room in the house! Complete with dollhouse, grocery store, art nook, lounge, and of course basically every jungle cat on the market. Its crazy. It suits us!
xoxo Christy

Posted On May 07, 2015

How adorable is this girl?

Since I have been travelling a ton these past two weeks I asked a few amazing girls to fill in for me and share a little bit about their lives and what makes them tick. I am SO amazed at the talents and goodness that each of them possess, and I have loved reading their posts!  
This week while I am in Utah for a wedding, I have asked my fantastically adorable niece Brynn to share a few inspiring pictures of what its like to be young and alive these days (ah, memories!). Somehow she is totally nailing the whole "successful teenager thing" and I am beyond impressed with her. At her age I was accidentally making out with Australian boys and skipping school to go to the latest Jennifer Love- Hewitt movie (remember her???).
I feel really old right now...
My name is Brynn and I’m 16 years old. I’m a Sophomore at Mountain View High School. I’m born and raised in Boise, Idaho and I couldn’t be happier. I love all of the adventures you can find yourself doing outdoors here. I love mountain biking and hiking with my family and friends. I love being outside and looking at nature.
In eighth grade I met my best friend.  Her name happens to be Brynn also. Everyone calls us “The Brynn’s” and we do almost everything together. We both crave art and love music. I absolutely love pottery. This year I decided to take pottery class and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am obsessed with it and it’s my favorite thing to do. Brynn is absolutely amazing at art and can do almost anything. She’s into painting and drawing.  Making each other art projects is one of our favorite things to do. We both run cross-country and love it. Cross-country is such a good sport. It, of course, sounds horrible but cross-country is my favorite season of the year. The team is so close and we really are family. Brynn runs track as well and this year I decided I wanted to try something a little different... so I chose rugby. Yes, that’s right, a girl playing rugby. That may seem a little crazy, but oh my heavens it is so much fun!! The adrenalin rush is unreal and it is by far the best sport I have found. Playing in the games is so much fun.  Sometimes it’s really nice to take out all of your stress by tackling a girl down to the ground(; But really, if you don’t know what sport to play, check it out because it’s the most fun I have ever had in any type of athletic game.
Before I was even born, my mom put me into music classes. I took this class called Kindermusik, which is for babies, and it allows them to learn the basics of music. My mom started teaching me piano when I was five and I took lessons from her for about three years. Since then I just mess around on the piano and teach myself songs that I want to learn. I also play the violin and have played for six years now. Over this past summer I picked up the guitar and I fell in love with it. I am constantly playing the guitar.
I often find myself messing around with it and making up my own songs. Writing songs has always been something that amazes me. My friend Brooklyn and I are actually surprisingly good at it. We were able to make up a song with our ukuleles in one night and looking back at it, it’s crazy that we were able to do it that fast. One night I was sitting in my room messing around and I came up with a song that I call “Broken Love.” I personally don’t like the song at all... but my aunt told me I had to put it on here. So feel free to press play and listen while you continue reading. My dream is to go play songs in a small cafe downtown for people. That is, if I can man up and get the guts to actually do it.
I love dressing up nice. I hardly ever do it though. That’s one of the things I admire about Gabrielle (a previous blogger). I look up to her a lot and we go way back. I’ve known her since I was two and she was eight. I admire girls who don’t care what anyone else thinks and who like to dress up cute with their own style of fashion and I hope to one day grow up to be one of those types of people.  She used to be my babysitter and I’ve always admired her. It’s hard to try and dress up cute when you have to go to school. But when I do get to dress up, my favorite place to shop is in my Aunt Christy’s closet.
 +++ Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us Brynn!
I sure love ya!+++
xoxo Christy

Posted On April 30, 2015

Trucker hats 101

I don't drive a truck. Nor do I play a truck driver on TV....
However....I find myself powerless against the trucker hat phase of 2015 that is upon us. I just dig it. Its trendy, practical, and old school with a new school vibe thanks to catchy phrases and graphic prints that give my jeans and t shirt addiction a little pop of modern. I plan on adding this little gem to my collection soon: 
(also black and jungle green are straight up my color jam right now.)
Here are a few inspiring trucker hat photos to show how never-ending the styling options can be. No matter what your personal style, these hats can become a summer staple in your wardrobe. 
Go girly with designer Lauren Moshi's  Love Bird hat (let me save you a click - its sold out)
You cant go wrong with floral - if Gwen Stefani is doing it, you should be too!
 Check out Nicole Scherzinger (of the pussycat dolls) rocking one of my favorite color combos red, black and white. 
You can pull of this same look with Cents of Style's LOVE hat: here
and even though Pharell Williams has been the victim of this buffalo hat in the past:
He redeems himself completely when he dons the trucker version (but lets overlook the star trek hand shall we??)
Take a cue from model Cara Delevigne and don your hat backwards...its edgy. I like it.
If you need to go out in public without being recognized (you know, for frequent trips to your local krispy kreme, or just a casual drive past your ex's house to make sure his new girlfriend is 100% less cool than you...) I highly recommend pairing something like this amazing black leather version with some giant shades. Annalynne McCord nailed it. 
And last but not least - unleash your inner animal with an adorable Leopard print hat like this one:
I can totally envision this paired up with some black skinnies and a hot pink t shirt. 
Whether you wear it forwards or backwards, go girly with florals or birds, love graphic prints, or catchy phrases and especially if you're over the blow dryer lately... you really cant go wrong in a trucker hat this summer. Unless you're Brittney Spears and you're wearing it circa 2007 to hide your newly shaved head. In that case just stay inside. and cry.
See Cents of Style's entire hat collection HERE.

Posted On April 28, 2015

Girl Crush

Do you ever meet amazing people and wonder how you ever lived your life without them?? And by meet - I mean read their blog obsessively and stalk their instagram feed until you know basically everything about them?! This is the joy and beauty of social media. Connecting amazing people who otherwise would never have had the chance to become soul mates! And today's guest blogger is one of those gems that - gosh - I cant even express my love for!! She's real life. She's wit, grit, endurance, beauty, and for me - a staple of my online life. Meet Rachel Kirkham:
Hi Everyone! About a week ago, Christy asked me to guest-blog for her and I squealed. For real. I've never done this before and I’m super excited!
 I “met” Christy by stalking Instagram. I’m a total pro at it,it’s a little scary. I saw all her gorgeous pics and realized that her personality was pretty much awesome and I knew it was a match made in cyber-heaven. And now I need her to get her butt to Jersey so we can hang because she’s the coolest. 
So who am I? My name is Rachel and I’m a mediocre mother of 3. My husband is a first year fellow in a Pulmonology and Critical Care fellowship in Southern New Jersey and we live just outside of Philadelphia. We have 2 years until we are officially done and we can call ourselves functional adults even though we’re in our mid-thirties and should have been functioning adults a long time ago. I write about my adventures in motherhood at lifewithjoliefete.com - you should check it out. 
Since my husband is always working and rarely ever home I found myself straight up bored and decided to stop ignoring my gut and start something I was passionate about. 
30 years ago today (April 23rd) my father took his own life. The circumstances surrounding his suicide are still somewhat of a mystery to me but the bottom line is that he felt so alone and so horrible that he thought that ending his life was the only way out. This breaks my heart and I decided that I needed to do something to bring this horrible epidemic into the light. Enter, Wick’d by Jolie Fête - a line of candles that bring awareness to suicide and how to prevent it. 
A lot of soul has gone into the project. I really mean it when I say that my whole heart and should is in every single candle made. I make them in my kitchen late at night after my kids have gone to bed and each time I pour out a batch I think of the programs the sale of the candles will help fund. You see, 10% of all the money made from the candles will go directly to the Association for Suicide Prevention and help fund programs that will provide support and therapy for people who are suffering. 
Unfortunately my father isn’t my only loved one to take their life and the fact that I can count on 2 hands how many people I personally know who have done so, breaks my heart. It was time for me to do something about it, no matter how small it may be. It is my goal to use the candles to get people talking about suicide. Suicide is still such a taboo subject and it needs to be talked about freely and often for people to really start doing something to stop it. I believe that it is preventable and we have a duty to help prevent it. 
What does all of this have to do with style? Well I’ll tell you what…nothing. JUST KIDDING! It takes a lot to work out of your home and some days it’s so exhausting that you don’t want to do anything but stay in PJs and put your greasy hair in a bun and call it a day. I do this often assuming I ever get out of my gym clothes. But on the days that I dedicate to candle making, I have a few staples that make my life easier. 
1. My J-brand jeans with holes in the knees (so broken in and comfy they could pass as pajama jeans).
2. The t-shirt I got from running my first race so that I can look down and be motivated to keep going even when I’m tired.
3. My Monica Potter Home apron which is PERFECT for the crafty lady. It has everything and is definitely my staple.
4. Comfy shoes because standing up for hours making candles is a beast on your back.
I can’t say that I’m a beacon of style inspiration but I’m a pretty firm believer that having a uniform when working on your biz is actually pretty crucial. I work my best when I feel my best and these items are key to helping me be comfortable and productive. 
When I’m not up to my elbows in wax, I’m usually on the floor. I’m either banging out some yoga poses with my little people, playing cars with my 2 year old, or dressing and undressing American Girl dolls with my daughters. We keep it casual in the Kirkham house for sure - jeans and t-shirts, fun maxi dresses, gym clothes, and ponytails pretty much daily. That’s not to say I don’t love to dress up. Every once in a while I leave the house without children and then I kick it up a notch and try and be brave with my ensemble. My style inspirations are pretty much all drawn from Kate Spade. I can’t afford her stuff but I can try and recreate it with items from Target, Old Navy, and my newly discovered love, TJ Maxx. A few statement pieces from my lady Kate and I’m set. 
Behind every great and successful woman is a fabulous pair of shoes, a killer black dress, and an attitude that knocks down barriers and pushes boundaries. I’m knocking down the stigma of suicide one comfy outfit and candle at a time!
Xx, Rach

Posted On April 24, 2015