I resisted the ankle boot for a long time. Maybe in part due to intimidation, but mostly I just simply adored my knee-high riding boots. I was convinced they were the end all be all come colder weather. That is until a few years ago when my friend showed me the ankle bootie light. While yes, I still own and love several pairs of tall riding boots (and currently have my eye on this quilted pair), ankle boots have become my cold weather go-to. Really. My love for a good ankle boot is unwavering. Versatile and chic, with the countless variations and styles, they're an easy answer for running errands, driving carpool, heading to the office, and even date night!  So whether you're just starting to entertain the idea of ankle boots or you're already ankle-deep, be sure to check out today's (9/21) Style Steals!


Look #1: Leggings + Tunic + Necklace
On the list of my favorite things, after ankle boots, leggings aren't far behind. Because obviously they're amazing and comfortable. But they can also look styled and pulled together. Long leggings that can tuck into your ankle boot create a long, lean leg line, which who doesn't want that?! Extra points for the heel. 


Look #2: Tights + Pencil Skirt + Cardigan + Necklace
I hate to break it to you, but you've been lied to. Ankle boots are not just for pants. One of my favorite ways to add an unexpected pop of color in the winter is with colorful tights. Paired with a pencil skirt and some ankle boots (flat or heeled), this is an fun look to take you from the office to a night out. Or go monochromatic and match your boots with your tights for a look that really lengthens the leg. I mean, if Kate Middleton approves of it, you can probably feel pretty good about it.
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Look #3: Skinny Jeans Cuffed/Rolled + Long Sleeves
One reason many women shy away from wearing ankle boots is they're afraid of making their legs look stumpy and giving themselves the dreaded cankles. Am I right? While we're all probably most familiar with pairing our ankle boots with denim, cuffing or rolling your jeans breaks up your pants and shoes exposing your ankles. This shows off the skinniest part of your leg (your ankle) and helps elongate your entire look. 
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September 17, 2015 — Courtney Brown

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