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Courtney's Picks

My signature style usually consists of three things: 1- neutrals. Yes, I wear a lot of black and white, but I love a good denim or metallic and I consider both a strong neutral base. 2- graphic and unexpected details. Whether it is leather trim on a tank top or velvet boots, I love adding unexpected interest with texture and detail. 3- I love a pop of bold color. I usually accomplish my pop with a bold matte lip color.

Kayla Lightweight Keyhole Sweater $36.95 USD
Jace Faux Leather Leggings $19.95 USD
Rannel-07 Velvet Ankle Bootie $29.95 USD
Claude Faux Suede Tassel Earrings $14.95 USD

Pearl Crochet Shell Top $29.95 USD $34.95 USD
Petunia-S Tassel Loafer Mule $24.95 USD
Aspen Faux Leather Cami $25.95 USD $34.95 USD
Lost-11 Faux Leather Mule $44.95 USD

Madi Classic Chambray Shirt $39.95 USD $49.95 USD
Robyn Floral Embroidered Beanie $19.95 USD $29.95 USD
Moby-21 Studded Loafer $29.95 USD