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Style Steals: How to Wear Ruby

September 02, 2015

Red: Taylor Swift's fourth album that went quadruple platinum, the signature sole color on a pair of Christian Louboutins, the carpet leading into our favorite award shows, and the perfect color to make your outfit pop. Because it is bold, it doesn't take much for red to make a statement and tie an outfit together. That's one of the reasons we especially love incorporating crimson hues through our accessories. Now get ready to stop traffic with this strong, self-assured color.

Paired with Neutrals
Let's just make one thing clear: "Neutral" does not only mean black and white. There's grey, navy, beige, camel, brown, pewter... plus metallics like gold and silver. Neutrals are those colors that seem to go with everything, but ever find yourself looking to give your neutral outfit a little panache? Enter: Ruby Red. Neutrals play well with this vibrant color and let it take center stage of your outfit. 

Paired with Bold Colors
One more reason to invest in some ruby-colored accessories is how well they pop against the bold colors we love so much too! (Color blocking, anyone?) It's not so much about matching, but complementing. For a more striking contrast, pair your ruby items with a cobalt blue (like we did below) or an emerald green. And who doesn't love jewel tones in the fall? 

Get the look for yourself:
Gabby-1 Red Striped Loafer - Deal price: $12.95
Lenore Chevron Print Bangle Bracelet Set - Deal price: $4.99 
Gianna Crochet Circle Pattern Top - Deal price: $7.96
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"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." -- Elizabeth Taylor

I gotta hand it to her--I think Dame Taylor may have been on to something. Walking out the door with red lipstick makes me feel like I can take on the world. There might even be a little bit of strutting those days. Think it's not for you? I say reconsider, my friend. I think every woman could use a bold, go-to lipstick in her arsenal and you are no exception. I'm not saying you have to go all Gwen Stefani and make it your signature look (though we do girl crush hard on that woman here at Cents of Style), but with all the resources and options out there, anyone can find their perfect lipstick match. And perhaps dare to be bold.

 Take advantage of today's Style Steals offer and add some ruby red items to your wardrobe! Be sure to use code RUBYRED at checkout for the full discount.

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