Confession: Halloween is not my favorite holiday. (I know, I know. I really hope we can still be friends.) Mostly because the whole costume ordeal gives me so much stress. If you've been reading along on this blog, you know I take the cost-per-wear game very seriously and always look to get the most bang for my buck. So spending a lot of money on a costume for one night that I'm likely never going to wear again? Don't love that idea. What I do enjoy is creating a costume out of fantastic pieces I'll wear again and again. That seems like a pretty big win-win in my book. 

Classic and iconic, you just can't ever go wrong with Grease. Everything from the fashion to the music, from the cast to the dancing, there's just so much to love, including the beautiful Sandy. So today we're sharing two easy DIY Halloween costume ideas inspired by Grease with pieces you'll reach for daily all year long. 

"Good Sandy"
Reminiscing those Summer Nights? We've got the look for you! Feminine and flirty, this ensemble is easy to pull together. Plus, the A-Line Midi Skirt accentuates your waist, making the look incredibly flattering as well. (Um, yes, please!)   

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"Bad Sandy"
Sandy's makeover look for that unforgettable final scene is definitely the more popular of the two looks. I mean, Olivia Newton-John looks like a total babe ("Tell me about it, Stud."), and so can you! The monochromatic black is slimming, a black leather jacket makes this work for cooler temps, and a fun heel will give you legs for days. (If you'll be on your feet dancing with the one that you want, fierce wedge ankle boots are a great way to go.)
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Whether your Halloween plans involve tricks or treats, these easy women's DIY Halloween costume ideas will be a hit! Steal the style (at a great price!) today.

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