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The Perfect Riding Boot, On Special!

December 04, 2012

I've been looking for a great pair of unique riding boots this fall. I fell in love with a pair I found on Pinterest with button detailing, but couldn't find them in a store anywhere.  I saw a gorgeous pair by Michael Kors, but being the tight wad that I am, I couldn't justify the $198 plus shipping cost! I then saw that Steve Madden has a pair for $149.95 at DSW, but I knew I could do better. I checked Shoe Carnival and almost got theirs for $60.00. However, I am glad I held out because my favorite accessory store Cents of Style has released the perfect pair, meant just for me! I am smitten. <3


The perfect riding boot, thank you Cents of Style! :)

The perfect riding boot, thank you Cents of Style![/caption] Well, what do you know... Cents of Style has put this boot on a special promo this week!! We are offering our Daphne Riding Boot for $39.95 and FREE SHIPPING! This is marked down from over $52.60. The boot comes in brown or black and has that adorable scalloped edge and stud detailing I have been searching for! At an incredible price of course. I can always count on Cents of Style for that! Now, I know that a $40 man made material boot is not the same as a leather Michael Kors boot. But for a trendy style that is well constructed and fashion forward, this is the perfect fit for me!

To get this amazing deal, go here and click on "get offer." Facebook will then send you an email with the offer's coupon code and direct URL. Input the coupon code at checkout to get these great savings!

I've already grabbed my pair in do I need the black too? Hmmm... I think yes.

daphne collage 
The Daphne boot, available in both brown and black.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Boot Season! ;)

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