Cents of Style released two new AMAZING riding boots today! They are absolutely gorgeous, I must have both! They remind me so much of the designer Tory Burch boots, that I had to compare them to ours. You know me. :) Here are my finds:
Image Tory Burch boot, on sale for $346.50

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BEAUTIFUL, right?? But I couldn't sleep at night if I spent that much money on a boot! And my husband wouldn't be happy about it either.  However... What if I could basically get the same classy look for $297.90 LESS?

Image Cents of Style boot, $48.60 & FREE SHIPPING
Image And these beauties, by Cents of Style for only $48.60 & FREE SHIPPING

Cents of Style's new boots will give you the same classy designer-inspired look, for less!

Now, to be fair... Tory Burch is an amazingly talented designer, and her boots are constructed of leather and suede. But Cents of Style's boot is also beautiful, high quality man made materials, at an incredible price! Same huge fashion craze of this season. So, why spend a lot on a trendy boot that you may only wear for a season or two?

If you are as smitten as I am, go here (and quickly because they are going fast) to get your pair of beautiful riding boots for an amazing price of only $48.60 and FREE SHIPPING.

P.S. If you order by 12/20/12 your order will ship to arrive by Christmas!

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