I never used to wear bracelets. Ever. For reasons unbeknownst to me, my go-to accessory was just a pair of earrings. What was I thinking?! *Snooze*... how boring! Nowadays my rule of thumb is to wear at least two accessories with every outfit to refine my look. And my current obsession is bracelets! (Stay with me here ladies, because I have a COUPON CODE for you!)

Source, source, source, source.

Bracelets are so unique and versatile these days that I just can't resist them! I love the craze of stacking multiple bracelets together. Why not stack 2 or 3 bracelets on your arm to pull your outfit together?! Stack them alone, or against your watch for a unique look. Celebs and fashion bloggers do it all the time, and it looks amazing! You can do it too. Make a statement, on your arm. Combine metals, textures, colors, etc. The great part about stacking your bracelets is that you can combine bracelets that are already part of your jewelry collection with some new trendy ones, and mix and match to create lots of really fabulous combinations!

Source, source, source, source.

Here are a few quick tips on stacking bracelets: 1) Choose a base. This can be a thicker bracelet, cuff, set of bangles, metal watch, etc. 2) Add 1, 2, or 3 thinner bracelets that coordinate with the base. 3) Get creative and mix your metals, textures, colors, etc. That's it! I can hardly call these tips "rules," because just about anything goes!

Here are just a portion of Cents of Style's adorable bracelets that would make for great stackers...

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