Whenever I hear the words “Under Pressure” I think of David Bowie. Then I think of Mr. Bowie flying in on a tiger made of lightning. David Bowie is still so bad ass. Quintessentially 80’s, for sure.

I love the song Under Pressure. It's got an unforgettable beat and it reminds me of my husband. He tells a story about one day when he was 20. He was serving a LDS mission in Veracruz, Mexico. He said it had been a particularly bad day, bad week, bad month and he was walking down the middle of a dirt road and heard that familiar beat…boom boom ba de. Boom boom ba de. He said he stopped in his tracks and just listened. He listened to the whole song. He said it made him smile and gave him just the little bit of home and inspiration that he needed to keep going.

Pressure pushing down on me. Pressing down on you.

Sometimes the amount of “pressure” I am under makes me feel like I am drowning. If I sit and think about the enormity of the tasks I have at hand, like raising healthy children who genuinely struggle or meeting the payroll for 25 employees every single month, I feel that pressure. It’s almost paralyzing.

I’ve learned that I can’t sit and dwell. I have to act. I have to act on the pressure. I have to take steps to meet those goals. I’ve learned that if I look at the big goal and how far away it is, the immensity scares me into inaction. However, if I can take it bit by bit, decision by decision, I get closer to the goal.

August has been a hard month here at Cents of Style. It's summer and as anyone in retail knows, summer = slow sales. We have been working hard, but nothing seems to have gone quite the way we had planned. We have big goals in place for 2015 and I am so scared that we won’t hit them.

However, after a particularly hard morning and a few tears, I sat down at my computer and started to work. I started to hustle and make decisions that would lead us to our goals. Because I truly believe that is the ONLY way it will work. If I give up or give in, I won’t get there. We won’t get there.

But… if I keep going, keep making good decisions, I have faith we will get there. I have faith that we will hit the goals. Something remarkable happens, when you reach a big goal, you look back and realize that you are a better, stronger person. That the pressure refined you and made you move.

So, yeah, I'm under pressure, just like Mr. Bowie, but I know that if I keep working, keep acting, that pressure is going to keep me moving. And make me better.

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August 28, 2015 — Courtney Brown


Laura said:

Beautifully said! Your words are so relatable and inspiring… And I love that shirt! It’s a great reminder to everyone that we are all being refined, under pressure. Everyone has a storm they’re going through, but they do get through it. I know you can, too. God bless your endeavors!

Jane said:

Totally relatable post with such sincere voice- you rocked it Courtney! And … 20+ people on payroll … You go girl! That’s phenomenal! You’ve come so far since the days of walking to Roosevelt with your brothers and sisters that I remember!

Emily said:

This is so true. We can’t let the pressure paralyze us. And if anyone can shine bright under pressure, it’s you. xoxo

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