Today we're talking about something very near and dear to my heart--The Cents of Style Diamond. At Cents of Style our purpose is to empower ALL women to lead BOLD and FULL lives. We strongly believe in look good, feel good, do good. And we hope to inspire others to be the good as well. For us, the diamond symbolizes so much more than just some fancy bling.

The six facets of our diamond logo make up the six core company values for Cents of Style:
TRIBE: We respect, value and trust our Tribe. We are strong and smarter together.
CLARITY: Through focused, positive and open communication we uplift, inspire and achieve our goals.
OWN IT: Our successes and failures have made us who we are. We celebrate them and each other, and we do it with style.
HUSTLE: We consistently work hard to get the job done. We never give up, because that's when good things happen. Every day.
RADIATE: We strive to exude happiness, passion and confidence and share it with the world. Be the good.
CREATE: We pride ourselves on creative solutions and innovative ideas. We pave our own path. Get it girl.

Why a Diamond? 
The Diamond Collection from Cents of Style is our signature collection. Not only does each facet on the diamond reflect a core value; wearing these items helps show the world (and remind yourself) that you're special. You--yes you!--are a rare gem of great worth. You might contain flaws, but you're also also incredibly strong and made more perfect by a little bit of pressure. 


Come be a part of our TRIBE!
We're a family here at Cents of Style, and we want you to be a part of it! Have you ever worn something from Cents of Style and received a compliment? What about a time when you just knew you were rockin' that new Cents of Style accessory? Anyone remember the very first item they got from us? We want to hear about it! We'd love for you to share those feelings and moments with us (and your friends!). We want you to OWN IT and lead a bold and full life that you love.


(Psst. Here's the part about the giveaway!) So post a photo on Instagram or Facebook by Tuesday, September 1st, of you wearing an item from Cents of Style that makes you RADIATE. Anything! Be sure to include #CentsofStyle in the post and tell us your story, and you could WIN one of our brand new Diamond T-Shirts and a $100 shopping spree to Cents of Style!



We're also incredibly excited to offer an exclusive discount on some NEVER BEFORE SEEN t-shirts designs and other diamond accessories that CREATE a feeling of purpose and intention. Wear a shirt from our signature diamond collection to bring CLARITY and peace of mind that whatever the day throws at you, you can handle it. Because we know you can. So HUSTLE on over and select your favorite items from our Signature Diamond Collection that will help you shine bright today, tomorrow and hopefully for years to come! 


Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all.


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