So technically Memorial day hasn't happened yet - But I'm totally busting out my white skinnies and I don't care who knows it! As soon as the sun broke through the rainy skies that have been ruining our lives for the past few weeks, I immediately celebrated with some summertime outfits! Its 66 degrees today and I can't help but feel liberated!!

I'm a modern lady - ain't nobody got time for crazy "rules" of fashion! (need a quick giggle? Sweet Brown always fills me with joy!)

nobody got time

I've worn these beloved peek a boo earrings in Rose Gold recently - but I HAD to grab them in silver, because,  #shoppingproblems. I ADORE them. My daughter Brigitte thinks they are real diamonds and always wants to wear them. I indulged her for the Cinderella movie and for 2 hours she gently reached up and touched them and smiled at me! Precious daughter!

Add these blush sandals to my list of obsessions. Can I hear a hallelujah for pedicure season??!

Every time I wear this snake bangle I cant help but think of Naomi Watts and her amazing necklace at the golden globes! I love it so much - especially stacked with my pyramid cuff!

(shop both of these bracelets here!)

Happy Friday everyone! I'm heading out with friends tonight for some much needed Italian goodness, followed by a lazy morning of sleeping in and and a Saturday full of soaking up some much needed sunshine with my kiddos! Is anyone else completely ecstatic that yard sale season is upon us?! Remember the amazing voodoo doll I found for a quarter last summer?? (on my instagram:christyatthetopknot). Oh, one last thing: I drove through a neighborhood today and witnessed a house fully bedazzled with Christmas icicle lights, holiday wreath, and a waving Santa. Feeling pretty darn great about my weeds out front ;) 

See you Monday!





April 17, 2015 — Christy Beal


Mitzi said:

You are a riot! I’m loving you and this awesome blog. Don’t stop :)

Christy Beal said:

Malyn your comments do mysteriously always appear one post down! That’s funny! I love it! Oh how I wish you lived nearby so we could relish in our mom tasks together. Flashing the masses was one of my favorite pastimes as a nursing mom. And isnt always so funny when your kids respond weirdly to strangers when they talk to them?! I mean cmon, what are they expecting? A hug from a child that has never seen them before? People are such creepers.
Brylee and Brigitte might be soul mates. Brig has spent more time in the nurses/counselors office than in her actual classroom. Not to mention that she is too shy to eat near other children, so the principle (whom she refers to as “the president”) was eating with her in the classroom!!!! People working in education need a serious pay raise!

MaLyn said:

I LOVE THIS! Your kids are awesome! AND YOU are awesome! Being a mom is so hard and crazy exhausting. …but you have a fabulous sense of humor and attitude about it all!

…and I would like for you to adopt me?! ?

Parenting stories:
The school nurse calls me almost everyday because BryLee is a hypochondriac. It’s hilarious and annoying and Mike and I are trying to think of an appropriate gift to send the nurse for basically raising our child this year.

Ellie growls at every single checker at every single store we go to. The checkers always look at me expecting me to apologize or give some sort of explanation…but I just look at Ellie and we laugh and make monster faces at each other.

And Mav…he’s kind of perfect…but I’m over the whole being discreet while I nurse in public thing. If I gotta whip it out, I gotta whip it out. Of course I always try to be modest…but sometimes I do flash the masses.

The joys of motherhood. Go have a diet coke, put the kids to bed, and watch mean girls! That sounds like a perfect way to end the day. Boo! You whore. ???

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