I have a terrible confession to make. Maybe it is best explained in a photo:
"Someone" needs a caboodle. I am ashamed. 
My makeup hoarding sometimes gets out of control, and my stash outgrows my containers. Also - I put makeup on in a variety of places (upstairs, downstairs....in the car) and need it to be portable, which means that basically I can't keep it in a cute tabletop organizer or in a drawer. 
Not that this box is any better....especially with the broken sides. 
Because my friend Nichole and I go way back (like all the way back to the 6th grade!) - she  could psychically sense that I was in a bit of a makeup rut. She is the Younique QUEEN - and in a supreme act of mercy - she surprised me with not just a few items to try - BUT A BOX stashed with some of her Younique favorites. The stash included Illuminate face wash, Divine daily moisturizer, Glorious face and eye primer, Mineral touch pressed powder, Beachfront bronzer, Lucrative lip gloss, and a Fiberlash kit!!!!!!! I can seriously just barely contain my excitement!
She even sent me this adorable carryall. So I can officially retire my shoebox friend. #goodbyeforever
This new makeup of course required a full on test run. And so I am going to post for you the amazingness of transforming my early morning dragon face - into a socially acceptable face resembling a human. Brace yourselves! This was no easy task.
Posting a picture of your makeup free face on the internet has to be up there with the scariest and most dreaded of activities. Second only to maybe, say, a swimsuit photo. #nevergonnahappen.
So here I am in all my cosmetic-free glory, complete with fancy bang wrangler headwrap. Also feast your eyes upon my paleness:
And here just a short 15 minutes later is my ACTUAL face, using all the Younique goodness:
Speechless right???? How is it that a little bronzer and lipgloss can literally turn me from "momzombie" to "acceptable in public" in such a brief amount of time?! Its amazing!
I'm a little late to the Younique party. I've seen it floating around facebook for a few years, and of course have admired it from afar on Instagram. But for some reason, I just hadn't made the investment to try it yet. BIG mistake. HUGE. 
Some thought on the products:
This facewash is by far the creamiest and most pearlescent goodness I have ever experienced. A little went a long way, it smelled AMAZING, and my face was soft like a babys bum! I like a good lather and this delivered! Two thumbs way up!
Primer is pretty much my love language. Ill admit it: I'm a primer snob. If you haven't indulged in a good primer yet you are missing out. ORDER THIS ONE. A tiny dab will smooth out your face, and help your makeup glide on flawlessly and STAY ON! This was superb.
I was shocked and pleased with how well the pressed powder foundation covered up my face. I have basically see through skin, tons of red capillaries, acne spots, veins, and hello - check my before picture!!! I basically require some type of spackle to cover everything. This foundation on top of the primer went on smooth as silk and had great coverage that wasn't heavy handed. I would buy this again!
All bronzers are NOT created equal! Are you struggling by with a cheap grocery store bronzer like I have been all my life? Ditch it! This bronzer was PERFECTION! No orange fake bake look - no crazy lines, no need to sit and blend and make sure you dont look like a clown.
This lipgloss (Luxe color) is definitely going on my must have list and is going to become a staple in my makeup bag. I've had it on for 2 hours now, it hasn't dried out my lips, and I can still see it. And it goes on smooth like silk. I really really loved this.  
Last but not least....the Fiberlashes. Oh my word. What the heck have I been wasting all my dang money on all these years??? 3 different mascaras in my collection combined dont even give me HALF the length and volume that one easy application of these fibers did. I have previously even been an eyelash extender - but its spendy, high maintenance, and pretty much destroys your natural lashes. I will forever and always forever more be hopelessly devoted to these Fiberlashes!!!!!!!!!!
* This is my BFF Nichole's affiliate link (send her a little love for giving me such a generous gift!). I receive no compensation from this post. The makeup I received was a gift from my friend and I was not paid in any way or asked to post my opinions on these products! So you know I'm genuine with my love and recommendations!!!!! 
Happy Makeup Makeover! xoxo Christy
April 15, 2015 — Christy Beal

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