Is there ANYTHING more stressful than setting up and coordinating family photo shoots??? Seriously.
I have a photo wall in my house that was literally the ONLY nesting type decorating thing I did when we moved in. And if I were being totally honest here - I might admit that I didn't even make it. My mom did. I have a minor sort of problem called L A Z I N E S S when it comes to house decor. Also I live in an Amish palace and I have difficulty styling my fifty shades of wood. 
I secretly wish I lived in this little abode:
Unfortunately - this amazing gem is currently residing in Johannesburg.... as in SOUTH AFRICA. And I'm pretty sure I'm not going on safari anytime soon. 
Which brings me back to family pictures. Because at some point I'm going to have to admit that I live here. Boise. And that I live in this Tuscan style house - complete with wrought iron scrolls and wood crown molding and wooden blinds and WOOD everywhere. And it might be time to update the good ol picture wall! Plus my boys are getting old enough to realize that they aren't actually on the wall....despite our best efforts to convince them that some of the baby pictures of my daughter are actually of them. 
Now don't get me wrong - I am SO thankful that I have a home and am always aware of the fact that my hideous crown molding is for sure a first world problem. However, when I'm here all day in charge of dusting the endless sea of neverending wooden surfaces....sometimes I leave my curling iron turned on high, sitting on top of a pile of old People magazines and then run away with reckless abandon secretly hoping that I might get a call that there has been a "mysterious fire"....And then I could somehow start anew and build a replacement house filled with shiny white surfaces and strategically placed thoughtful pieces of modern art sculptures. 
So. To help pass the time while I think of ways to finance my random move to Africa, I set up a family photo shoot with Rebecca at Merrakai photography. As soon as the day and time were set in stone I promptly started to obsess over colors and outfits and how to make 5 people look charming when in fact Benett is the devil in disguise, Spencer is partial to hot yellow girl's pants (not actually a problem), and of course then there is Brigitte who refuses to wear denim or seams that touch her skin. Tricky indeed. 
Thankfully, we have an H&M nearby and all my outfit woes were silenced in one 30 minute power sweep through the store. (Sidenote: how is it that H&M can stock some of the cutest most modern and adorable outfits EVER - and then one small shopping rack over I see a pile of cartooney mickey mouse hello kitty pixar cars garbage that makes me break out in hives??? What crazy schizophrenic buyer is choosing these styles?!!!)
Once the clothing was decided upon, then the superhuman task of ENDURING the actual photoshoot came upon us last night. That's right. I survived to tell the tale! Rebecca was so creative and awesome that the kids were entertained and engaged the entire 45 minutes. She was stocked with smarties aka smile pills or "energy" that she would entice them with periodically. And considering that usually at 6pm I am contemplating if there is maybe some type of straight jacket sewing tutorial on pinterest that I should be aware of - they kids did pretty well. 
I myself kept my outfit pretty basic with a pair of distressed skinnies and a black shirt - and then styled it with two of my most prized accessories: 
These must have shoes:
And this heavenly wrap watch bracelet combo that sets my heart a flutter.:
Stay tuned for the big reveal of the photo shoot pictures! I am still deciding how to best use the pictures. It may be time to say kwaheri (goodbye in Swahili) to the photo-wall. Do you have an amazing design idea on how to display family photos??? Do tell!
xoxo Christy 
March 27, 2015 — Christy Beal

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