My friend Paige is hosting an amazing fundraiser and the crunchy granola slash twelve year old lover of friendship bracelets in me couldn't resist supporting her venture! Its called PULSERA (which means bracelet in spanish). Their mission is to support Nicaraguan youth, individuals, and families with other students from all over the world.
I think projects like this are so cool! Why didn't they exist when I was a youth??? Paige just so happens to be a very hip and with it 6th grade teacher at Village Charter middle school here in Boise, and this is the third year that her class has collaborated with Pulsera. 
"Each pulsera takes about an hour to make, comes tagged with the picture and signature of the artist, and is woven with the rich personal history of the person who made it. When you wear a pulsera, you not only share the voice of a Nicaraguan artist, but you also raise your own voice too, speaking out for opportunity, unity, and a more equal and colorful world."
If you are local, head over to the Pure Barre Boise studio to buy a HANDMADE bracelet from someone in Nicaragua. Here are a few of the people that made my lovely bracelets:
The best part? Only $6 snags you a beautiful Pulsera. I don't know about you - but I might have accidentally purchased about 16 bracelets. 
A small price to pay to support someone from limited means, who may be struggling in their life, but who is also working towards bettering their future. Bringing home these bracelets yesterday gave me an opportunity to talk to my children about Nicaragua and the people who live there and the difficult circumstances many of them face. My kids are young (6,4,and 3) but they already understand that many people in the world do not have the blessing and opportunities that we have here in America.
My kids are each happily sporting at least one bracelet today, and I hope as they grow up, that they too can take advantage of programs like this that make our world a little bit smaller,
and a lot kinder. 
xoxo Christy
March 26, 2015 — Christy Beal

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