Will pose for outfit inspo pictures.... against her will.
Meet Amy. Also known as "my one friend." She deserves a gold medal for putting up with my incessant phone rants and deep thoughts on life that mean nothing and maybe make her want to poke her eyes out. 
Amy was the first friend I made in my new neighborhood when we moved to Boise almost 7 years ago. We bonded instantly over our habitual pregnant-ness, our mutual love for Brandon Flowers, and our bafflement over how Miley Cyrus somehow finagled an engagement to Liam Hemsworth (one of life's most profound mysteries.) 
Shes the person I can count on to leave a zipfizz "anonymously" in my mailbox when I run out, someone who can put up with my sailor-esque descriptions of my failing duties as a mother, and most importantly - someone who will pose on my doorstep and look wistfully into the future because her hair was curled and her jeans were skinny:
Isnt she gorgeous? You can't have  her. Shes mine. (She may be filing for a restraining order after I hit publish on this post. But she wont mean it.)
Thanks for being fashionable and fabulous Amy! I LOVE this look!!! 
(Please note: this is what happens when I take pictures with my Iphone instead of having a photographer with skills assist me. My apologies.) I hope you have a great weekend! 
xoxo Christy
February 27, 2015 — Christy Beal

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