I have been totally obsessed with this color combo lately. And since today was an exceptionally HIDEOUS parenting day... I felt it necessary to add cheetah print to my wardrobe. My face tells you everything you need to know about the events that transpired: 

Also, lets pretend that this is MY modern yet comfortably styled living room and also my 'not from Target', actual leather bag shall we??? I like to ignore the fact that MY living room is uncomfortably covered in a variety of Lego shaped land mines and adorned with eerily sightless stuffed animals that have been chewed beyond recognition by our mongrel dog Theodore who spends hours a day eating their little plastic eyes like candy... Also, the purse I have? Not even close to leather or a pretend leather-like substance. No, no. And its from Fred Meyer. 

I happened to be lending my wee devil Benett (my 3 year old who is apparently Rosemarys baby) to my gifted friend Amber who needed to borrow him as a photo prop today. And so, these photos were snapped in the comfort of her amazingly styled home. 

Some days it is nothing short of miraculous that these boots don't walk right out my Idaho door to board a California bound airplane. 

I spent the morning sorting and folding piles upon piles of laundry (that had been backed up due to Benett's week long cough-barf marathon). Which Benett then took upon himself to ninja kick into a mangled unorganized heap, in roughly 10 seconds flat. After that I wiped down mirrors, which he trailed behind me and sweetly smeared with deodorant, or licked, or swiped with a wet washcloth. I unloaded the dishwasher, he dissolved a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom sink. After eating and smashing a box of Chex cereal across the living room floor, he then drew on the walls and couches with a green marker that I had already removed from his clutches- twice. Let us not forget that in his spare time, he also managed to repeatedly scratch the face and bite the exposed limbs of my 4 year old, who also happens to be a professional crier.

Oh Monday. I'm so glad you are over!

xoxo Christy

March 02, 2015 — Christy Beal

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