Well happy Oscars eve! To get you in the spirit for tomorrows big fashion reveal, I thought it only appropriate to take a jaunt down memory lane - and remember our favorite looks of glorious hideousness. Taking fashion risks is what its all about - and sometimes its a major payoff...
Because remember Angelina's thigh?
Or this gorgeous Armani Prive gown with the amazing cutout on Naomi Watts?
Or what about this stunning play on volume on the adorable Jennifer Lawrence? Who cares that it made her fall up the stairs! Totally worth it!
And then of course we have the mishaps. Like this fiasco on Anne Hathaway showcasing her very perky bosom: 
And that time Uma Thurman came as a milk maid... 
The year that Helena Bonham Carter rocked an English Flag garter underneath a velvet Victorian vampire dress...WITH A HAND FAN. 
And then there was that time that Celine Dion wore a reverse suit coat with giant pants. Annnnd a fedora. 
One year the adorable and seemingly flawless Faith Hill even shocked us in this feathered rainbow sherbet dress... 
Its not often that Gwyneth Paltrow is on a worst dressed list, but back in 2002 she opted to go braless and braided to the Oscars...
An oldie but goodie: Demi Moore in a pair of caped spanx:
That time Cameron Diaz walked the red carpet as a belly dancing geisha:
And Tilda Swinton forgot an entire sleeve - but managed to remember 10 yards of velvet
And last but never least: the dress that goes down in Oscar fashion history as the ultimately bizarre: Bjorks swan dress.
I am eagerly anticipating tomorrows show!!! I have high hopes for the hosting ability of Neil Patrick Harris who is famous not only for his acting chops but also for his musical performance abilities. My fashion favorites every year tend to be Namoi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie - but I love it even more when I am shocked with a notable fashion blunder! Makes for a fun after-post on Monday morning!!
Ill be instagramming and tweeting LIVE tomorrow!! And Ill see you all back here next week for the fashion recap!
xoxo Christy
February 21, 2015 — Christy Beal


Heather said:

It was great to read your recap! You have a gift with words!! I felt the same about those gowns- what did you think of the 2-tone tux? I am seeing those more and more now with wedding photography too. Kinda strange- not sure how I feel about the black and blue lapels?
After the kids were in bed I got to watch the Oscars and thought it was a good show! I loved the cute boys speech that said when he was 16 he tried to kill him self- so he told others out there to stay weird and be who you are and someday you’ll shine. It made all those pretty famous people tear up and tugged at my heart strings too! NPH was really boring and tried too hard. His prediction thing was kind of a let down at the end. Pretty strange?

MaLyn said:

I love this post! I missed the show, but your recap was awesomely perfect! …and Scarlett! Seriously?! Ah! What the hair do?! Whyyyyyy? Why oh why did she do that?!

Courtney said:

I will say it again…it is my super bowl! I cannot wait!!!

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