It is nearly impossible for me to talk about twins without automatically humming the Doublemint gum song. So if you're ready to double your pleasure and double your fun - look no further than this post. 
I may be a little biased...but feast your eyes upon the worlds most adorable duo: my nephews. Little Charlie is on the left and Carter is on the right. 
For Christmas because I have uncontrollable shopping problems combined with insatiable baby fever - I had to buy them each a pair of designer Susie Custom jeans. And -oh my word - these JEANS! It called for a photo shoot!
Carter is wearing the custom dark jeans. Look at these back pockets! 
Charlie rocked the lighter wash. And a tiny man scarf - which kills me!
My sister in law Kallie is simply the cutest mom in the entire universe. The fact that she birthed twins defies all natural laws of physics and I honestly don't know how she handles the demands of TWO toddlers at the same time!!! I can barely juggle petting my dog and watching TV simultaneously - but don't you worry Kallie manages to mother twins, look gorgeous 
ALWAYS - and she leaves her house on a regular basis fully showered.
After the babies were born I expected to find her huddled in a dark closet crying uncontrollably into a pair of her pre-pregnancy jeans whilst clutching a bottle of cymbalta in the other hand like a regular person...but no. She was all smiles in an adorable pant suit and like "here are my babies that I'm nursing AT THE SAME TIME and isn't this awesome!?" She is straight-up from Stepford. And the worst part??? She is sincerely the NICEST person I have EVER met. I've never seen her crazy or mad, or heard her utter a negative word or speak unkindly about anyone. She is the first to offer up a meal, or babysit for friends, and on her birthday every year she likes to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. Her ONLY flaw - is that she can't tie bows. We discovered this when throwing my nieces 6th birthday party and Kallie refused to assist with tying tulle around the chairs.She hung her head in shame and simply said, "My bows look messed up. I cant tie bows." I stood there in shock and whispered: her one flaw. I found it!
 And here she is with two BOYS so no bow-tying is even necessary!
I am not affiliated with nor was I asked or paid to support Susie Custom. I just am a HUGE denim junkie with a serious infatuation for adorable jeans - and when I saw these I HAD to have them! They exceeded my expectations as far as softness and quality. They were worth every penny! (Coincidentally they are on sale right now! And they come in sizes 6months-6T.) I have a feeling Ill be ordering up a few more pairs for my 3 kiddos. 
If only I could order up a set of twins while I'm at it!
 xoxo Christy
February 19, 2015 — Christy Beal

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