I have been needing some new makeup for a while now, so I got a babysitter, grabbed a friend, and  scampered into my local Sephora where I basically lost all sense of control and ended up buying an entire pile of makeup. All necessary of course. My favorite find was this hilarious boxed set of limited edition Fifty Shades of Grey products called the "Give in to me collection" featuring a demure and innocent color pallet. Apparently this is what your makeup should look like if you are the verge of stammering breathlessly while trying to deny your animal instincts. 
The set comes with 4 innocent eye shadows (in varying shades of grey) of course) , a black liquid eyeliner marker, a practical nude lipstick and some kissable gloss for when you lose complete control of your senses. It comes in this handy little box to store it all in, complete with tiny little side compartment where you can hide all your sins and secrets.
Supposedly, as the movies are released the makeup collections will come out in darker more scandalous shades of shame. I'm looking forward to trying them all. Even though I have not read the series or plan on seeing any of the movies - I couldn't help but give in to the temptation of trying out the makeup! 
I highly recommend!
January 16, 2015 — Christy Beal

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