As I sat watching episodes of friends this past week I was stricken with the hilarity of Jennifer Aniston's wardrobe. She was unarguably the "It Girl" of  90's TV and paved the way for a variety of fashion trends that took a strong hold on women everywhere. First there was the "Rachel Green" haircut. Layers framing the face were all the rage - along with highlights. I had a number of friends that pulled off the Rachel (Megan Friend I'm talking to you!). Along with her famous hair came her inexplicable fondness for overalls, boyfriend jeans, cropped tops, plaid shirts, sleeveless button downs, and menswear. 
As funny as these pictures are - I recall with perfect clarity trying on pair after pair of overalls at "The Cube" in the mall. It was the teenager section of the Bon Marche, and was the go to spot for the latest finds like a cool dress from esprit or a Tommy Hilfiger sweater or even better - a pair of Mossimo or Calvin Klein jeans. I spent more time in those dressing rooms at the mall than I did in classrooms at school. 
The world has changed a lot since 1997. Jennifer Aniston divorced Brad Pitt and her infamous hairstyle. She launched a film career and retired from TV. She dated John Mayer (and we forgave her)...and although she is still considered a fashion trendsetter for simple understated looks, she has pretty much faded from the spotlight. Which got me thinking....who would I consider the current "It girl"? Who in the media is trending the fashions that we try to emulate? Who replaced Rachel Green???
Well in short after pondering this phenomenon - I concluded that today's It girl would be an accumulation of many individuals. We'd have Taylor Swift's talent, Kate Middleton's dresses, Lorde's confidence, Beyonce's moves, Emma Stone's voice, Jessica Alba's entrepreneurial drive, Gwyneth Paltrow's earthiness, Kate Hudson's muscles, Keira Knightly's accent, Tina Fey's sense of humor, Angelina Jolie's humanitarian efforts, Blake Lively's hair, and Jennifer Lawrence's coolness.
As for fashion - we live in a time when anything goes. Somehow... there is even a place for Miley Cyrus. According to Vogue, here are 10 spring trends for 2015 that we can expect to see:
1. Gingham
2.Trouser Suits
3. Suede
4. Bridals or Lace
5. Denim
6. Florals
7. Festival Girl
8. Midriff Baring
9. Fringe
10. Bohemian
Keep these trends in mind while you are stocking up on wardrobe staples and accessories! Are there any trends you are excited to try? Do one of these fit your personal style? Im a huge fan of the Trouser suits (although where would I ever wear one??)  and denim of course. My personal style tends to lean much more towards the scarves and graphic t shirts than any sort of bohemian festival gypsy wear. (But then again I sore Id never wear skinny jeans and here I am.) So don't quote me on that. By the end of 2015 I might look like Claire Danes you  never know!
January 20, 2015 — Christy Beal
Tags: trends


megan wongdock said:

Ha! I used to memorize every article friends related. I think a lot of those fashions, as bad as some were, are coming back. There’s an 80’s/90’s mesh of fashion awesomeness? going on now. Even the slap it is coming back. But I must ask, when will the beloved hyper color shirts be returning?

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