Our toy is room is...how do I say it? TERMINAL right now. The influx of new Christmas toys destroyed any and all organization that had previously been done, and to top it off we returned from vacation with a lovely leak that had been drip drip dripping along undetected in the wall for who knows how long. The water had bulged the paint off the wall and when we tore it down we discovered much to our horror that black mold had moved in. My poor husband had to rehab the entire front side of the toy room and now every toy we own is piled sky high and covered in a fine mist of drywall. Lovely. 
A year and a half ago I misplaced my common sense and bought two Malshi puppies. I didn't mean to do it, but there they were in the Cabellas parking lot looking tiny and helpless and in need of bow ties. My husband tried to explain the myriad of reasons why we COULD NOT have two dogs....but it was like hearing the teacher speaking from the charlie brown cartoons. Womp womp. I just HAD to have them. 
And thus we came home with the little darlings, totally unprepared for the sheer chaos that was about to unfold. It wasn't the puppies alone that started my slow spiral into madness...but the combined efforts of the puppies PLUS my 5, 3, and 2 year olds. There was just SO MUCH pee. Everywhere. All the time.
You might be asking yourself about now - what the heck this has to do with our toy room? Well let me tell you. Our toy room is actually our 3rd garage bay - which we converted in order to survive wintertime with our children. They were caged animals with nowhere to play and nowhere to store their toys. So walls went up, and carpet went in. The trouble with the toy room ended up being that the puppies could not HELP THEMSELVES and peed in there every chance they got. It was their mission in life to take shifts and sneak in there one after the other to leave little black wet spots on the floor. It didn't matter what I did - I could not get the pee smell out of the carpet. I tried professional cleaners, spot bots, an arsenal of chemicals and natural remedies. I cleaned that floor an insane amount of times. Finally I re-homed one of the puppies to one of my BFFs in an effort to cut the peeing in half.
Now that our little scoundrel of a dog is 18 months old, his accidents are few and far between. However the toy room floor has retained the puppy stench of days of yore - and something has to be done! In light of the leaking that occurred, my husband and I agreed we needed to rip up the flooring and burn it forever. Which means the toy room is getting a major aesthetic overhaul! Yay! My nights have been filled with etsy browsing and pinterest pinning. I am WILD with ideas for our little toy room!
Even though this proves that we are disgustingly unorganized, I need you to have an accurate idea of the mess we are dealing with here. THIS is the toy room:
Junk, the new wall, and more junk. I literally have to keep the door closed so I don't see the mess in there from day to day, lest I light a match and let the house burn down. The toy situation is out of control and I am enlisting a professional organizer to help me sort and arrange the endless piles of trinkets. 
Here is my style collage that I put together for room inspiration: 
The walls are aqua colored and I think we are going with a black and white floor. I was a little overwhelmed at the huge amount of options - 
Stay tuned for the final unveiling of the toy room of doom! Goodbye clutter! Goodbye dog pee smell! 
Hello new favorite space!
xoxo Christy
ps - have you seen amazing toy room inspiration? Send me a pin or tag me on instagram (christyatthetopknot)! I'm combing the earth for adorable decor, posters, throws, rugs, shelves, ect!!!
January 14, 2015 — Christy Beal


Sherry said:

I’ll pray for your sanity!!! Can’t wait to see the outcome. I know it will be fabulous!!!

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