To kick off December and add to your season of gift-giving, Im launching a week long giveaway of a few of my favorite things!!!!
Spread the word and check back every day between tomorrow and saturday to win some dazzling items that are at the top of my Christmas list this year! *** All giveaways will close next monday 12.08.14 at 9 am! Winners to be announced Monday night at 8pm!
To get you all in the spirit of gifting - here is a FREE printable from yours truly! Just click on the image below, download, and either print at home or upload to your favorite photo service! (Costco, Walmart, Etc.)
See you tomorrow!!! 
December 01, 2014 — Christy Beal


Karen P. said:

My husband bought me an artists desk one Christmas!

Katie Rees said:

One of my favorite gifts was a surprise trip to Hawaii! When my husband surprised me, I cried. They were not tears of joy. I was having a meltdown. Yes, I’m crazy. I had never left our two boys before and freaked out! I quickly got over it when I was at the airport without toddlers to chase.

Kate said:

A denim jacket in 8th grade.

Bridgette R said:

a few years back I got an iMac!

Barb j said:

best gift ever for me was gift of motherhood

marisa said:

Best gift was a dual control heated mattress pad. I’m always freezing, my husband is always hot, so it’s perfect!

Katie said:

Best gift was a kitten when I was about 10. Every kids dream!

Lindsay Naylor said:

The best gift I ever received was a guitar and amp from an ex-boyfriend that I still have to this day. Whoops! Maybe I should’ve given that back ;)

Kristy Haight said:

My favorite gift ever received were boots from my husband. I decided to give up finding the perfect pair of boots because I could never find ones that I liked. He took matters into his own hands and bought me some and they were perfect! Gotta love a man that can shop.

sabrina said:

Best gift I ever received was a poster of Eddie Vedder. a picture from the moment he sang black in the pouring rain at a festival in the 90’s

Veronica said:

My favorite Christmas gift ever was my grandmother’s old singer sewing machine…who no longer is with us.

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