Here is a fun hair tutorial for your upcoming party season! I call it "The Gatsby Method"
because it makes a fun wave in your hair reminiscent of Daisy Buchanan herself. 
Start by taking a smallish section of hair - and twisting it gently. Don't wind it up tight though!
The bigger the section the looser the keep that in mind.
Once your hair is twisted, simply curl it up with your curling iron, trying to overlap as little hair as possible.
Start rolling from the base of your curling iron (closest to your thumb) up to the tip of the curling iron.
Hold until your hair is thoroughly heated , then pull down and release the hair.
Repeat sections of hair until finished - and voila!
Wear it smoothed with some finishing cream or slightly tousled with hair spray! 
November 24, 2014 — Christy Beal
Tags: Hair


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