YOU have a power deep within.  A power that can be quiet and disguised.  A power that although it CAN show up's most often mild and unnoticed.  In fact, we talk ourselves out of believing it even exists.

It's the power of a WARRIOR and it's already inside of you.
We mistakenly believe that in another life we would have been stronger.  We would have been brave, would know the right choices to make, would show up for those who need us, without fail.....and we would have the strength for it all.  But since we can't, it must mean that we are weak or broken?  That there is no way we can ever compare ourselves to a something as mighty as a warrior, right?
You ARE a warrior!  Your heart was built, not to be impenetrable, but to heal when it is penetrated.  Your soul was meant to feel the hurt so that you can savor the reprieve when you finally find it.  So that you could use what you now know to support those who don't know yet. 
Warriors are not without battle, they are here TO BATTLE when there is no other choice.  SOME will conquer and SOME will be stopped, but NONE will quit....and ALL will succeed because they gave every last bit of "fight" they had in them.
Some warriors have unlimited endurance.  Some get knocked down and need to breath and re-evaluate.  Some are charging ahead until they unexpectedly get knocked off their horse.  But all are warriors.
No warrior chooses the battle she faces, she only chooses to face it.
YOU ARE A WARRIOR.  YOU are showing up every day.  YOU are trying to figure out the best way...and YOU are making adjustments when you realize your path is not right.  You WILL get knocked down, you WILL get discouraged, you WILL want to quit......but you will NOT.  
Because YOU are a warrior.



October 08, 2021 — Courtney Brown

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