The "Not My First Rodeo" launch may be brand new, but it has been a looong time in the making!
Have a seat and let me tell you a story.
Courtney Brown and Brennan Lau are sisters who founded the online clothing brand called Cents of Style (but you probably already know that).  They have an eye for fashion and a heart for making a difference. 
About  three years ago, Brennan approached Courtney about taking over the graphics creation for Cents of Style.  Graphic tees have always sold very well for Cents of Style and this was an opportunity for Brennan to truly speak from her heart and for the company to serve their community in an even more unique and personal way.
But where does that creative inspiration come from?? 
Let me give you a little back story to give you an idea of WHY these two sisters are WHO they are.....
Courtney and Brennan grew up in a family of 6 siblings in Boise, ID.  Their summers were filled with all things country...90's country music, summer nights, denim, the rodeo and of course, 8 second rides!  The smell of leather and dust. The whoops, the yells and the "YE-HAWS".  And the feeling of family and community that you always want to hold on to.
Those are the memories that stand out, the moments that you return to when you want to smile...not the kind of automatic smile that you give in passing, but the kind of smile that you feel deep down.  The kind of smile that makes your whole body smile, that makes the people around you smile simply because they can't help it.  The smile of complete contentment.  And this is exactly what Brennan hoped to capture and duplicate in all of her designs.
So she jumped right into learning all she could about Illustrator and graphic design.  It was a very exciting time that required a lot of learning, practicing and plenty of trial and error.......and do you want to know what?!  Do you want to know why this, "Not My First Rodeo" line deserves it's very own blog post??
Because the "Not My First Rodeo" tee was THE. VERY. FIRST. design that Brennan ever made!!!!!  Three years in the making!!  This line is at the heart of it all.  Rodeos, small towns and tight communities will hold a place in these two sisters hearts forever....and now it is passed on to all of you!
"I just knew that we had to run a rodeo line at some point during the summertime, because NOTHING, in my opinion, is better than summer nights, rodeo, cowboys, wranglers and 8 second rides!" - Brennan Lau
August 06, 2021 — Courtney Brown

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