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Fan Sneak Peek

March 06, 2013

Pssst! We are excited to share a secret with you! If you have been following our Facebook page or Instagram, you might be wondering what we're up to. Well, this spring we are launching something fresh and new to our website, called the Guest Editor! What is that?? Each month we will have a fabulous blogger or other influential person sharing their own style and fashion flavor on our boutique! They will help us hand-pick product, offer special deals, giveaways, etc. You won't want to miss it!

Yesterday we had a photo shoot in preparation for our first Guest Editor. She is all ready to go for the month of April and we are so excited! Here are some pictures from the shoot. Can you guess who April's Cents of Style Guest Editor will be? ;)

She has picked some fabulous product for you, so be sure to check back! You are in for a treat!


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