Color blocking will continue to be a big trend again this spring. One of my favorite ways to combine colors is through my accessories, which is also an easier and safer bet than color blocking with your clothing. If you're not sure where to start or which colors compliment each other, here is a little trick... Use the color wheel! Almost any two colors can be worn together, but here are some safe suggestions to start with:

1) Colors directly across from each other. (I.e. Yellow and purple.)

2) Neighboring colors on the wheel. (I.e. Yellow and orange.)

3) Colors that make an obtuse angle. (I.e. Blue and yellow

With these color pairing suggestions in mind, here are some visual ideas on how you can incorporate a new color into your outfit via an accessory, to make it fresh and fun!

Accessories from Cents of StyleAll clothing pulled from

Give color blocking a try this spring! It's really so easy and the possibilities are endless.

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