As a denim junkie dedicated to sampling every type and shape of jeans known to man, I have to say that these vintage Diesel flares are among my very favorites!
I bought these from Off Saks when Grays Anatomy was fresh on TV. I was living the single life in sunny San Deigo and the most difficult of my daily decisions revolved around where to go out for sushi or how much was an economically acceptable amount to spend on yet another pair of shoes I didnt need...
Pretty much everything in my life has changed, and yet these jeans have outlived most of my terrible decisions. Even more amazing, they have managed to remain intact through 3 pregnancies and a rather impressive jalepeno popper addiction...
Its nice to know there are things like this to count in life, am I right?
xoxo, Christy
March 11, 2015 — Christy Beal

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