Last Thursday a modern day miracle was performed, in my driveway, at roughly 2pm. Lazarus was raised from the dead. Water was turned into wine. Yes, my friends. I once was blind, but now I see!!!

And that is because the camper of doom that has long since been the source of constant pain and never ending patience on my part - has BEEN SOLD! Yes. It is the dawn of a new era. Perhaps, even - a time to consider the camping possibilities of the future!!

4 years ago my darling Aunt Barbara sold us her beloved Toyota Dolphin camper. It was in pristine rodent infused condition and had taken up permanent residence in the field behind her house. My husband took one peek inside the non-working  yellow and orange furry interior and just knew he had to have it. 

His Dad and Brother helped him get it from Burley to Boise, and it all went down hill from there. Notice that it is on a trailer...because yeah, it didn't actually run....

The camper restoration era of my life consisted of countless caffeinated nights of single parenting my 3 kids under 3, while my husband wiled away in the garage with a headlamp strapped to his head full of crazy ideas. I remember going to bed alone, and waking up alone. Even worse, I remember the INFINITE number of pretend supportive conversations I had to have about where to install a microwave, how to create a faux stainless steel finish on top of wood paneling, where the cheapest place to buy a camper toilets is, how to weld a custom grate to the tail end, and on and on and on. AND ON. 

There was a blog, dedicated to his beloved camper: RV DREAM (feel free to peruse the painful memories in full detail). I started to call this little camper of doom "Gabes Mistress". He even turned the children against me, bribing them with power tools and letting them watch cartoons inside for hours while he worked away:

He also did quite a lot of the work while wearing our fat baby Benett, who was a fine little companion as long as he didnt get his scartchy hands anywhere near your face...

Looking at these pictures I can remember with total clarity just how MUCH I despised the camper!! I was drowning in postpartum craziness and my husband was spending every penny and second of every day on the remodel. I wanted to go on a cruise - NOT on a pretend homeless adventure in a 1970 tenement on wheels!!!

BUT....(and this is the part I will deny ever saying) - I totally ended up LOVING our little camper!!! It allowed some of my favorite family memories to take place, and my kids especially were completely devoted to our summertime adventures! We spend a week at RedFish Lake every summer, and I cant even imagine doing that in a tent. So I suppose, the camper was a sort of necessary evil if you will. 

And now, just like that (4 years later) it is gone! We simply outgrew its tiny awesomeness and are ready to embark on a new remodel adventure! Plus I now have a xanax prescription and my youngest child is 3, so I think I can cope with the insanity!!!

2 summers ago we found a GMC motorhome called a Palm Beach - and we completely fell in love with the vintage style. Think: Gidget goes camping, and you will have an idea of its adorableness! It almost looks like the scooby doo van, or a barbie camper. And we MUST have one!

When I picture this summer and all the fashionable adventures I will surely have - this is what I envision:

And then my husband sends me this email: "Honey, I found the perfect camper and its only 9 grand!!!"


and I die a little inside. 

Ill keep you posted on the next chapter of my unfortunate camper existence. Pray for another miracle!!! (as in my husband receiving the gift of common sense).

xoxo Christy


March 09, 2015 — Christy Beal

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