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All About Audrey

January 06, 2015 2 Comments

It may come as no surprise to you - that the ethereal miss Audrey Hepburn was just named as the UKs most beautiful woman of all time.  I couldnt agree more.
Ive been wanting to change up my hair for a while, and while Audrey's darling pixie cut was a little too drastic for me - I did settle on some darker hair color and bangs! 
I dont quite have her grace and elegance down however!
But I think what made Audrey truly beautiful was her genuine love for people in need. Her kindness. And that is something I try to be aware of always. 
Audrey's elements of style can still be seen on catwalks and sidewalks alike. From leggings and ballet flats to over-sized sunglasses and her iconic updo hair. Her influence has never faded.
Who would you choose as today's favorite celebrity fashion icon? When I thought about this, my girl Taylor Swift was the first name that came to mind. Although ironically - upon further investigation I may love her because her style reminds me of Audrey! 
Enjoy this Audrey Inspiration~ a few of my most favorite looks:
Oversized Hat
White Button down, collar popped, with bangles.
Red Red Lips and dramatic eyebrows
This coat!
And last but not least: ACCESSORIES!
xoxo Christy

2 Responses


January 12, 2015

WOW You are AMAZING inside and out – just like Audrey!!!


January 11, 2015

Yes! I love Audrey. And your new hair is perfection on you!

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