And OH how I WISH I lived in a Barbie world! Gaze upon this one of a kind handmade dollhouse that my talented friend Amber Schmidt crafted for her daughter Stella's 4th birthday! It was too adorable to keep a secret, so maybe it will inspire some of you other gifted "makers" out there to create your own version! (Sidenote: If you are DYING over Amber's style you MUST check out her super popular etsy shop featuring her cards for all occasions: Announcing You. If I ever have something worth announcing she's the lady I consult!)
How in love with her itty bitty framed art prints are you?! 
Its perfection down to the drawer pulls and cork board!
I wouldnt mind stretching out my barbie legs under this ruffled duvet... while I schemed about my upcoming adventures
whilst gazing fondly upon my galloping pony wallpaper...
I don't know about you - but I might not mind doing laundry so much if my laundry room was this stylish:
I might even consider giving birth to a tiny barbie baby - just so this nursery complete with faux fur rug didn't go to waste.
Hard wood floors in the living room? Yes, please!
Happy Birthday Stella! Says the miniature chalk board sign in the kitchen! This kills me!
Thanks to this bathroom, I am now completely obsessed with hot pink toilets and floral wallpaper. Lets just say I wouldn't mind locking myself in there to escape the children. 
I can't believe how much thought and time went into staging this little house down to the tiniest of details. There is a potted plant in every room, and this little book case complete with little books is possibly my most favorite feature of all. Perhaps because it is adorned with the world's cutest pom pom garland. It really is Home Sweet Home!
This is one happy little Birthday Girl. Something tells me she thinks her new dollhouse is pretty amazing! 
Thanks for sharing your incredible talents, Amber. Seriously though, Im about to go get out my glue gun for no particular reason just because I feel so inspired by this project!  Do you dare attempt making something this amazing once the standard has been set so high? I think not.
Maybe Ill just bake some cookies and call it a day :) *Photo creds belong to the always popular Merrakai Photography
December 12, 2014 — Christy Beal


Steffanie said:

This is incredible!!! I literally cannot get the look of shock off my face!! (I’m not kidding my mouth is still wide open and I think my eyebrows have hit the ceiling!!)

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