Fulfillment Specialist

Hours: 20-40 Hours Per Week

Location:  Utah-Cents of Style Headquarters

Pay: $12-$14 per hour (Depends on experience, seasonal, &/or hours)

Description: The fulfillment specialist supports the company by pulling and fulfilling orders in a timely and professional manner.


  • Pull and ship orders from Cents of Style’s warehouse
  • Clean and organize warehouse as needed
  • Put away product “go backs”
  • Inventory Counts 
  • Receiving New Product


OWN IT- You got this! You thrive on getting the job done and making it your own.  You love seeing what needs to be done and getting it done.  It will be on you to get your orders shipped as perfectly as you can get them. 

CLARITY- You are all about the details.  Being able to break down each task and complete it efficiently.  You are organized and will coordinate with team members to get the work completed each day.  

HUSTLE- You love that fast pace work environment.  You definitely don't shy away from hard work, in fact you love it!  You are self-motivated to get the job done. 

CREATE- You love seeing your work come together to see a finished result.  And when that result is creating a lovely something for someone to receive in the mail, WIN!  It will be up to you to complete your tasks as correctly and efficiently as possible. 

RADIATE- You are always positive and enjoy motivating yourself and those around you to get the job done.  Your energy radiates and you enjoy being around others that radiate those same qualities.  We can feel your positive energy and we can count you as dependable and awesome because that's what you are. 

TRIBE- Being a Team Player is your thing for sure.  You love being a part of something bigger than yourself to reach team goals.  dependability describes you to a T!  You always go above and beyond to help out your team. You work well with others and have exceptional communications skills. You'll be our "people" if you can do all of the above with STYLE! 

You may also email, julie@mycentsofstyle.com