You are EXACTLY who you are meant to be and so am I.
At the beginning of March 2020 lockdown, I was gifted a book by @chaninicholas called "You Were Born For this."
I had, of course, heard of astrology but the extent of my knowledge was that I was a Capricorn....and I didn't even know what that meant.
With little else to do but read and learn how to make sourdough bread, I devoured the book.  A world, a language, a remembering opened up within me.
And as a quintessential Gemini rising, as I came to understand, I proceeded to dive in, study & learn everything I could about astrology.  Podcasts.  Books.  Lecture series.  I even hired a mentor, @cre8withj
Three years later and hundreds of hours of study later, the more fascinated I am by the subject matter and the more convinced I am that each of us was given an energetic blueprint the moment we were born.  A blueprint that helps me not only better understand myself and others, but also gives me a sense of peace in who I am.
My strengths, my weaknesses, and the themes of my life are written in the stars.  I don't know the mechanism by which it works, I just know I find truth and understanding in it.
So tell me, what's your sign?
-Courtney Brown 


January 09, 2023 — Courtney Brown


Pia Richard said:

I discovered your oversized tee-shirts on Jane & took a chance not knowing my size only went by the bust size. I have fallen in love & gained a new vendor with Jane!! Looking forward to ordering more! My Zodiac sign is Leo!

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