It truly can be the Small & Simple things that make all the difference.
"Be Curious, Not Judgemental." -Walt Whitman
One of Brennan's favorite quotes that reminds us to be
curious and actively understand why people do what they
do, without the passing of judgement and jumping to
conclusions that may not be correct.
It's not about's about understanding.
"A Little More Kindness, A Little Less Judgement."
Kindness has the power to soften AND heal hearts. 
It really can make all the difference.
"Courage is Contagious."
 'Hard things' are much easier to face when you see that someone else
has faced them first.  A little bit of Courage goes a long, long way.  
It truly is the Small & Simple things that can make the
biggest difference.  It's also the effort of many that will leave
the largest let your 'courage' and your 'kindness'
be the most 'contagious' thing EVER.
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March 02, 2022 — Courtney Brown

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