We decided to do something a little different for the month of June in our Guest Editor position. We thought we would introduce you to one of Cents of Style's owners and founders, Brennan Lau. We hope you enjoy learning more about Brennan's Cents of Style and check out her picks here.

What are three words that best describe your style?

Neutral-popped is that a word? Well it is in my book and I'm going with it. I wear a lot of neutral colors and pop the outfit with colored accessories. And when I say neutral its not just black, white, grays and browns....I include olive, navy, eggplant, maroon they are considered pseudo-neutrals.

Relaxed/chill- Haha I had to throw in the word chill...it made me sound cooler...or maybe not... Anyways, I consider myself a pretty easy going, laid back person and I think my style follows suit. I love a great pair of jeans, a funky t-shirt and some combat boots.... add a stud and a leather bracelet and I am good to go. 

Current/Chic- I would like to think that I am pretty up to date with my style. I am open to trying new trends. Dressing is kind of like a hobby for me I have a lot of fun with it. Courtney and I live by the philosophy, It is just one day.....try something and if you don't like it, you never have to wear or do it again...However, you never know how many compliments you will get. What girl does not love a good compliment! 

Who is your celebrity style crush?

BLAKE SHELTON....TIM LOPEZ....(Ready for Love anyone! ) ooops.....that says celebrity STYLE crush not celebrity crush....:)
I'll go with Whitney Port...use to be on the Hills. Remember her? I have always appreciated her style and her fashion sense. It doesn't hurt that she seems to be super nice....that helps in my book. You can be super stylish and wear great clothes but if you're mean...it turns me off and all of a sudden you are wearing a garbage sack in my eyes. Random, I know.

What is your go to item of clothing, shoe, and accessory?

Easy! Slouchy sweater, combat boot for Fall, Winter and into Spring and a hot sandal for summer. I am loving the black and silver ADAM sandal from Cents of Style right now, and the go to accessory right now are definitely statement necklaces....how hot is this!

What is your favorite current Cents of Style item? 

Hard! So many things I love right now.

Beeper Sneaker- I am in love with these! But you know what is lame....they don't come in my size dang it! (I'm a 5.5)
Skull Necklace- I dig this. Enough said.
Rosy Boot- Yep... these too. Need them. 

June 06, 2013 — Courtney Brown

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