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Urban Outfitters VS. Cents of Style

May 02, 2013

I was browsing Urban Outfitters' website from my phone today. (You know, the kinds of things all mothers do while sitting in their car in the parking lot waiting for their little ones to get out of school. No?) Anyway, their store has such adorable things. I mosied my way over to their shoes (with a tap of the finger to my smart phone, that is) and found these beauties that are just way too similar to Cents of Style's Tabiana sandals, that I had to share! Check it-


Urban Outfitters: $69. Adorable, right?

Cents of Style: $24.95 & FREE shipping. Adorable... and affordable. Yes!

And would you believe me if I told you that these adorbsie sandals are on SALE as part of our Fashion Friday promotion this week? That's right, ladies... they will be on sale for only $20.95 & FREE shipping. Don't miss it!

You can snag the turquoise/white ones here, and the yellow/black ones here.

Have a fabulous and stylish weekend!

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