If you are anything like me, you are always usually crunched for time when getting yourself ready for the day. So, if you concur... this hair style could be right up your alley! It is beyond simple and quick, we're talking 2 minutes tops.

cents of style gold stretch headband

Don't judge me for being lazy, but... I literally slept on wet hair last night, woke up, straightened my bangs, left the rest of my hair the wild bed-head way that it air dried, and pulled my hair back with this headband. To get this 2 minute look, you will need a stretch headband, and a comb:

  1. Straighten or style your bangs.
  2. Tease your hair a little bit at the crown.
  3. Put on headband.
  4. Tuck the hanging hair up and into the headband.
Here is a 3-step picture tutorial (picture source found here, an adorable blog):

Two minute tuck 123

The gold braided headband I used is from Cents of Style, is only $6 and FREE shipping, and comes in 4 colors (gold, silver, black, bronze). Find the headband here. The arrow earrings I'm wearing came with this necklace.


Go give it a whirl. :)

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