It is the dead of summer and across the country there are record high heats, so why in the world am I talking about wearing SCARVES? Who wears scarves in the summer? Well, um....I do. The girl in the pictures....wearing a the summer. Always one to break a fashion rule or two, I say, ABSOLUTELY you can! No, you don't want to be wearing thick, wool scarves, but a light, airy, cotton scarf is perfect for this time of year. And they don't just have to go around your neck either, they can be worn multiple ways. Here are a few to try:


Around the neck:


You can wear scarves around your neck in the summer. In fact, it is one of my favorite looks with jean shorts and a white tee. The key is the fabric on the scarf, go for cotton and a light knit, and wear it off the neck to keep you cool and not look like you are trying to cover up and "stay warm." Stick to fun summer prints, like the stripes pictured, or florals and polka dots. Look! I am even doubling up scarves above...shocking.

In your hair:


Another great way to wear a scarf on a summers day is in your hair as a head wrap. I've followed the tutorial found here:

It is super simple and a great way to give yourself a new look. If you have long hair, unlike me, wear it in a high bun and then put the scarf over the ears in front of it. 

As a belt:

I've taken this same striped cotton scarf that I have used above and tied it around the waist of my maxi dress. I loved how it turned out! It gave it a whole new look. You could achieve the same look with a maxi skirt. I would even like to try it with a pair of cigarette pants and fitted top. 

The great thing about Cents of Style accessories is that they can easily change up any look. One scarf can be worn in your hair, around your waist and at your neck. Try something new and you may just be surprised at the compliments you get and how great you feel!

So, today, 7/20/12, we are giving this striped scarf FREE with every order over $20.00. Its retail value is $14.60. That is almost a 43% savings. No coupon code is required, all you have to do is make sure your total is over $20.00, after all discounts are applied. You can request the color in the comment section of the cart. The colors available are:

pink and fuchsia

lime and green

orange and cream

teal and turquoise

black and white

fuchsia and navy

Take advantage of this one day only deal! Buy a cute pair of summer sandals to go with the scarf and you are ready for a summer date night. 



July 19, 2012 — Courtney Brown

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