Cent's of Style's Pinterest Challenge

1)      Follow- Cents of Style on Pinterest.

2)      Create-  

                    a)- A board on your own Pinterest page titled “My Cents of Style," 

                    b)- Categorized under "Women's Apparel."   

                    c)- Pin a minimum of 3 of your favorite items from www.mycentsofstyle.com. 

                    d)- Copy and paste this caption below each pin "10% off and FREE shipping with discount code "PINNING" at checkout, www.mycentsofstyle.com!" 

                    e)- You can pin products directly from our website, or repin them from Cents of Style’s Pinterest page.

3)      Email- a link of your “My Cents of Style” pin board to: promotions@mycentsofstyle.com (Don’t forget this step in order to qualify!)

4)      Share- your board – via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. to increase your chances of winning!


WINNER: The top 3 participants with the most “repins” of Cents of Style products within their

“My Cents of Style” Pinterest board will win an e-gift card ($20, $15, or $10) to Cents of Style!

Challenge begins Friday 2/10 and goes through Wednesday 2/15. Winner will be announced on our Facebook page  on 2/16.

Recap: Follow, Create, Email, Share!

Remember, email a link of your Pinterest board to: promotions@mycentsofstyle.com

February 09, 2012 — Courtney Brown

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