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Comparing Cents of Style


    I went shopping this last weekend, but I came home empty handed! Every time I go out shopping I can’t help but compare Cents of Style’s product and prices to those that I snoop over in retail stores. And my conclusion is always the same- Cents of Style’s prices are amazing! So I did some homework for you…























“Cents of Style is all about feeling and looking great on a budget. We offer the latest fashion accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry that will allow you to ‘accessorize your life’ at the lowest possible prices.” 

–Cents of Style Owner, Courtney Brown


So why not enjoy the latest fashion trends in an affordable way?  We provide the most current crazes, and you save the money. We take pride in helping you do that.



Rachelle Hurd

Guest Blogger

Cents of Style

Regional Stylist Manager



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