So you hit snooze one (or three!) too many times this morning. Or maybe your mini me's science fair project just exploded all over your kitchen counter. Or perhaps you made the mistake of checking Instagram first thing after waking up and now you're 64 weeks deep into your best friend's sister-in-law's cousin's yoga instructor's feed. Whatever the case, we've all been there--running late with no time to get ready. So today we're sharing with you three of our favorite go-to style tips to help you feel chic in just a matter of minutes. No shower required! And that way you can get back to being superwoman and tackling that to-do list. 
No Time to Spare Style Tips for the Busy Woman:
1. Oversized Sunglasses
Your accessories are key. Keep the outfit easy and simple (you're in a hurry after all) but a few well selected finishing touches will make all the difference. Our Tiffany Rounded Sunglasses are the perfect solution for those pesky under-eye circles and zombie eyes. Plus, it never hurts to channel your inner Jackie O. Add a bold lip, a few swipes of mascara if you'd like, and you're just about out the door.
2. Head Wrap
Dirty hair, don't care. Grab that dry shampoo, flip your head upside down and tousle your hair to boost volume. Either leave hair down or twist it up into a quick top knot, but don't forget to dress it up with a large bow head wrap. Because, accessories. And keeping those greasy roots under wraps has never been so easy--or stylish! For a little extra edge, play with different materials, such as faux leather
3. Little Black Tee + Boyfriend Jeans
It's no secret the love affair we're all having with our yoga pants these days. However, even just swapping out your beloved spandex for a pair of trendy--and seriously just as comfortable--boyfriend style jeans, paired with an oh-so-soft graphic t-shirt, can step up your style game big time. You'll look totally on-trend and pulled together, and no one will have a clue your morning started off as a race against the clock.
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Kimberly said:

Great blog post highlighting some fun pieces that really do look wonderful -it does look so put together and more polished just by doing and adding these few things. Would love to see a notation in such posts mentioning the size worn by the models in the post to help many of us figure out better sizing in terms of how much of a boyfriend fit the shirts are and also if the kids sizes leave room to grow or are they more slender fitting as so many are being produced now. Thanks!

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