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3 Lessons from 14 Years of Cents of Style

March 25, 2021

I began Cents of Style on March 1, 2007. I've learned a lot of lessons in the past 14 years. Practical lessons. Life lessons. Business lessons. Personal lessons, but here are 3 of my favorite.

1- Choose creation over competition every day. Keep your eyes on your vision and don’t worry about what others are doing.

2- Persistence and grit will take your further than talent. I can’t tell you the number of times that I thought my company was over & through and one more day, one more pivot, and a little bit of faith brought me through.

3-Perfect is the enemy of good. We have a tendency to want circumstances, product and timing to be perfect until we move. But a certain level of pragmatism has always served me well. 


-Courtney Brown

Instagram: @courtney.ellen.brown

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