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Krazy for Kimonos

May 14, 2015

Perhaps it's this unseasonable heat. Or perhaps we're just channeling our inner Stevie Nicks this summer-- but we've all just about lost it for the Kimono this year. 




Our girl Elizabeth Olsen and her blue jean cutoffs rock it- and then there is the obligatory Kardashian sister (love 'em or hate 'em-- they're always on trend) and then Demi Lovato?! Poppin' out of nowhere with her even trendier pastel hair with her Kimono. 


If you need affordable options that range from southwest fringe to the always classic vintage floral-- you can find the Kimono your heart desires from Cents of Style. 


via: Flauwz


What we truly love about the Kimono-- wear it on the street, and then wear it on the beach like Jessica Alba. No one will judge, because they'll be jealous of your fashionable multi-tasking shawl. 



Our Style File tip-- grab a Kimono, a drapey tank and leggings, skinny jeans or cutoff denim. Depending on your mood, pair those with booties or sandals. And get outside! This heat can't hold you down. 



Get krazy with us this summer- Cents of Style has all of your Kimono needs. 



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