Always get me downnnnn.
Its not Monday - but it IS rainy over here in my neck of the woods. I am struck by the inexplicable urge to give in to what is known as "the gray sweatshirt phenomenon." Somehow I walk into a store to buy colorful spring type clothing - and leave with another version of this gray wearable blanket. 
Sometimes as a bonus, and to add a little variety -they have hidden gems like this exposed zipper detail:
I bought this particular sweatshirt off Zulily when I stumbled upon this brand called TROLL and loved everything they had listed. After some pretty impressive mission impossible action via google, I learned that this brand was sold on a Polish website called TOP SECRET. And my slow decent into madness was born. * Sidenote: make sure you translate the page unless you speak a little polish for fun. And don't be thrown off when you see the category called "riding breeches" and when you click on it - its actually turtle necks. I bought two gray sweatshirts for my collection and there is no telling what else I might buy! Im out of control! 
I've been thinking lately about all the hard things we have to endure as Moms and as Women in general. I have a few friends going through fertility trials,broken marriages, miscarriage sadness, baby blues, and the madness that is being post-partum. ITS SO HARD! My own children have repeatedly tried to kill me with their sicknesses, chronic crying spells, fighting, and general inability to function like humans instead of gremlins that got into chicken after 10pm. Some days I just REQUIRE comfort clothes. Aint no shame in it. 
Because it is a dreary and cold day today and also because apparently I don't have enough stress in my life - I have decided another attempt at potty training my wee devil. Hes 3 and a half. It makes absolutely NO sense to me why he wants to sit in his own filth all day long, but he insists on it. He even runs and hides from me when he goes in his pants! WHY? WHY? This video pretty much sums up how its been going so far:
I hope your day is going slightly better than mine! And if it isnt...climb into a gray sweatshirt as an act of solidarity against the madness! 
April 08, 2015 — Christy Beal


MaLyn said:

This is my favorite thing that I’ve read all month. I’m sad the post ended! You sucked me in and made me wanna go to France!
Also…you’re adorable, always.

I’ve never been to France….but now I feel like it’s missing from my life!

…not even joking….let’s go!

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