Make it a pair of Ear Jackets!

I am completely obsessed with them. Basically its an earring with the majority of bling behind your ear, in a peek a boo fashion. I love this unexpected role reversal! (Also please enjoy my feathered bangs and ghost lips in the above makeup free photo. Someone needs a spray tan...) 

The ear jacket is so adorable, that Julianne Moore is doing it:

Diane Kruger is doing it:

Rosamund Pike is such a fan that she even wore a pair to the Oscars this year!

My girl Jessica Alba is a fan:

And of course, if Hollywood's little darling Jennifer Lawrence is wearing them, you know its serious fashion business:

You can snag the same pair I have on here. You're welcome. 

xoxo Christy

March 20, 2015 — Christy Beal

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