You probably think this Valentine is for you...
I started celebrating earlier this week by eating endless bags of cinnamon hearts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consequently it required a very hefty pair of spanx to fit into these printed pants that I am completely obsessing over! I found this outfit at The Rack last week and spent a whopping $23 - including the fuchsia top. The Hat is from Target and carrying it around makes me feel like belting "You're so vain" from the top of my lungs.... (if only my hat were strategically dipped below one eye.)
Shoes and jewelry are Cents of Style - and I am completely obsessed with wearing long necklaces lately. 
I highly recommend walking into parties this weekend, like you are walking onto a yacht....
And if you do opt for a scarf....I recommend apricot. 
Happy Valentines Day! Remember not to give away the things you love. Especially if one of them is me!
xoxo Christy
ps - if you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about go HERE.
February 13, 2015 — Christy Beal


Nettie Jo Johnson said:

Christy- I am completely in love with your blog. I recently bought the most adorable apron from Cents of Style (2 actually. One for my mother in law so we could be twinners. Hm…After writing that I am realizing that is kind of creepy) and I stumbled upon this funny, informative, real, witty, creative blog. First of all your are gorgeous. On top of that you have the best stories and photographer to capture your moments. And to throw a ceramic figurine on the whole cake, you have a way of writing that is in all actuality… addicting. I should be getting my son ready for school but here I sit reading your blog. So, thank you for adding an element of happiness in my morning, but curse you for making my son late for school. :)

Kristi said:

Your writing is the perfect dose of hilarity, fashion sense, and self-mockery. You look great in these glasses! And I love me some Zenni. Although I look ridiculous in anything other than no frame glasses. Also that picture of you when you were little is so cute!

Leslie said:

I feel famous for the mention on your fancy fashion blog! Also, I’m currently watching season five of Friends. . . Great minds!

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