Tis the season of Love...and I've rounded up a few of my latest obsessions:


These are the current items on my list that make my heart swoon. 

1. Cents Of Style  Mixi floral pumps - these sassy shoes are shiny and put a little leap in your step. Wear them to work, then out with friends or on a date. They transition from outfit to outfit and give a pop of lovely color.

2. Pure Grass Laundry Fragrance by The Good Home Co. - my photographer (Rebecca from Merrakai) introduced me to this product which she lovingly refers to as "laundry crack". It smells like summer nights after the lawn just got mowed. You will obsessively smell your towels and have sweet dreams after washing your sheets with this! 

3. Capri Blue Volcano Candle from Anthropologie - create an amazing space by burning this candle anywhere you want to feel warm and relaxed. It is always in season, and never goes out of style.

BedHead Pajamas - if you haven't purchased a pair of these luxurious and best fitting PJ's yet - you don't know what you're missing. They have a little stretch to them, and are adorable on any body type. My favorite pattern is pictured (Rouge French Quarter). Husband, I hope you're reading! Hint hint!

5. Cents of style Friday I'm in Love baseball T - this is basically the cutest Valentines day shirt out there. 

6. Planning on doing some intense kissing? You must head to Sephora and pick up some Lip Tar. My favorite shade is Black Metal Dahlia - guaranteed to give you an edgy come hither smile. Best of all - IT STAYS PUT. Forever. This was gifted to two of my besties for their birthdays this last year. Tried and true!

7. And last but never least - Chicken Tikka Masala from Bombay Grill. The BEST dinner I always crave. It's off the beaten path, and my preferred location for all celebrations in my life. If you've never experienced the delicious glory of chicken, spiced cream, rice, and the softest bread ever created - book a night at your local Indian joint and give it a try!

So that's pretty much my wishlist right there. A home that smells like Anthropologie, clean summertime smelling sheets, new pajamas, kissable lips, a cute shirt to wear on Valentines day, a new pair of date night shoes, and dinner at Bombay grill. What Valentines Day items are on your wishlist??




February 02, 2015 — Christy Beal


megan wongdock said:

I have yet to step foot in anthropology! I know….I know. But I want to go and just smell everything!

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