Its finally Friday. Which in my world equals date night. And boy, do I need a night out! This week was a doozy. Nothing major to complain about just the usual child related fiascos. My 3 year old ate roughly 16 candy bars off a candygram poster for breakfast this morning (which all things considered was a step in a better direction considering he single handedly consumed a bag of powdered sugar 3 days ago.) My darling 6 year old daughter sustained razor blade/shaving wounds last night as part of a "scuba diver game" gone horribly wrong. (apparently she was trying her hand at shaving and accidentally shaved off a scab on her knee.) As she put it, "everything went fine on my first leg, but when the scuba diver went down my second leg I got cutted and was bleeding EVERYWHERE!" It was traumatic for everyone involved, and we had a nice long talk about how shaving is ONLY for grownups (and mostly just for ladies who aren't married or don't wear tights to church). In other important news, I regret cutting bangs more than I can express. Every time I look in the mirror I see Marie Osmond looking back at me.
So if you, like me, have a floor COVERED in laundry that needs put away, cracked out kids on sugar who also happen to be covered in band aids...and a complete and total bomb has destroyed your house from top to bottom - I sincerely hope you got a babysitter and are going out for sushi and a movie. Because YOLO.
Here is some date night casual inspiration for you! See you Monday!
xoxo Christy
January 23, 2015 — Christy Beal


Jessica said:

I hope you had a great date night! Just remember we all survived crazy childhood mishaps (including some unfortunate haircuts) but we all make it through. I think your bangs look great, and are very on trend for this year. I’ve thought about getting them too, but the last time I had them was when they were sort of curled, sprayed and poofed into some semblance of a loofah on my forehead, so I’ve been avoiding them until I figure out what look I’m trying to go for (mostly the “hide the forehead dermal creases” look.)

Kallie said:

So beautiful!!!!! Always such impeccable taste!!! Hope date night was fabulous!

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