I was in charge of designing a little invitation for an upcoming Christmas party that has a "Very Vintage Christmas" theme. I came up with this paper CD case that mimics a vintage record and holds a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs. It can be used as a fun gift for your friends and neighbors, or use it for an invitation to your own Holiday shin dig! Just click on the image below, and save it to your computer. Simply import it into a photo editor such as Ribbet, add your custom text, print it out and assemble!
I have OCD slash a perfectionism disorder when it comes to things like this, so I ordered these amazing CDs from amazon that look exactly like teeny tiny vinyl records! So perfect! However, you can also just burn any regular CD and pop it in the case. Either way, its a fun and festive little package! (Vinyl cds are also carried at Walmart online, with free site to store shipping.)
What other cute neighbor or family gifts are you making this year? Do share!
November 18, 2014 — Christy Beal


Sherry said:

I sooo love your blog!!! It’s so very entertaining :) I love the green piano! Turned out so cute!!!

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