Forgive my absence yesterday. I have acquired the death cold that seems to be circling through members of my household. I thought I had dodged the germs, but Friday as I was tucking at my Barre class I was feeling a little woozy. (More on Barre to come...) We had plans to visit my parents up in beautiful nature-y Garden Valley Idaho, so we optimistically left as planned. But sadly, by Saturday night I was delirious. I spent the entire weekend pounding alka seltzer and drinking Theives essential oil tea in a scalding bathtub, while reading the truly awful book by Gillian Flynn Sharp Objects. (I really dont recommend reading ANY of her books while you are sick - because take my word for it, you WILL dream about something really and truly weird.) Anyway, there you have it. My exciting vacation weekend in a nutshell.

I had hopes and dreams of capturing some gorgeous shots of me perfectly styled in a flannel shirt with an effortless intricate braid of hair cascading over a shoulder - while petting a wild deer and her newborn fawn in a meadow of tall fall foliage....but ill spare you of the reality of me pale and sickly in a ratty pair of flannel pajamas that perfectly complemented my ratty unwashed hair.

Im hopped up on cold medicine and heading to Nordstrom Rack so Im sure I will have some good posts for you this week! Stay tuned....

xoxo Christy


November 11, 2014 — Christy Beal

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